Our 2nd Christmas Tree

Friday, December 16, 2011

So I must prepare you to see my tree, it's quite funny.

Our first year of marriage we were in the apartment 
and we got a little Charlie Brown tree 
that sat on a table so it would look taller.

This year we got something a little bigger, 
but not too big...the car still had to be able to get it home.

We got it all set up and the trunk was straight 
and we were so excited!

And then we looked up...

It leans a little....maybe a lot.

Poor little thing, it doesn't have enough lights to go around it 
and the cat has made it her mission in life to get every glass ball 
so this poor tree is barely even a quarter of the way decorated...

And crooked.

When I suggested we undo the screws 
and cut off a bit of the trunk at an angle 
so the tree would stand upright 
(probably another hours worth of work), 
Robbie gave me the dirtiest look. 

Sorry tree...we live and we learn.

 But it's ours, and our house (and my cat) smells like Christmas. 

This year it's the best we can do.

And isn't that all God asks of us anyways? 
That we do our best?

Merry Christmas!