June 30 - Expect with Patience

Friday, June 30, 2017

"Expect your every need to be met,
expect the answer to every problem, 
expect abundance on every level,
expect to grow spiritually."

Start Quote
Be here.
Learn to labor.
Learn to wait. 
Learn to wait expectantly.

[An] important lesson the garden teaches is sowing and reaping, 
as well as seedtime and harvest. 

Whatever you sow, you will reap. 

If I plant lettuce, I will not harvest tomatoes.

If I sow only positive seeds in my subconscious
-thoughts of plenty and not of lack-
abundance will sprout in the garden.

As for seedtime and harvest, be forewarned.

The spiritual time continuum is not the same 
as time experienced on the earthly plane. 

A year for us is a second in the spiritual dimension...
[We have to sow and wait, then wait some more.]

This doesn't mean that the seeds have fallen on stony ground. 

I refuse to believe this, 
for I have worked the soil, 
dug the double ditch, 
added the compost, peat, sand, and lime. 

The soil is rich. 

Some crops...require an investment of years 
before there is a harvest.

If my harvest is to be a simply abundant lifestyle 
- rooted not in the world but in Spirit, 
I must be patient. 
End Quote

"You are not living by human laws but by divine laws.

Expect miracles and see them take place.

Hold ever before you the thought of prosperity and abundance, 
and know that doing so sets in motion forces 
that will bring it into being."
-Eilen Caddy  

Sometimes waiting is hard. 
Being patient? Even harder.

But is it worth it?

Heck yeah.

And let me tell you, it's so much better to wait with patience 
than to wait with anxiety or fear or drama or hatred etc etc..

Gratitude Journal

1) My parents are back in town! I've missed them. And so did the kids. They took the kids to the movies so I got a few hours on my own, and then they took Jacob for the weekend. Do you know how much easier it is to be with two kids than with three?

2) I did not have to make dinner. Pizza and friends, good stuff.

3) Making peach lemonade. Delicious.

4) Four Day Weekend! 

5) It's bed time. Peace out.

June 29th - Pruning

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"More often than any of us would like to admit, 
life has a way of hitting us where it hurts most..."

Today Sarah talks about Gail Sheehy and her book Pathfinders
and how she coined the term "life accident", 
things that "we are powerless to predict or prevent."

Start Quote
Those individuals who will themselves 
to benefit from adversity become what Sheehy calls 
"pathfinders": real-life champions who, 
"by refusing to go under in the onslaught of a life accident," 
emerge victorious. 

Life accidents prune us back...

The task of pruning seems daunting, formidable...

I am also perplexed by the notion of 
cutting away what appears to be thriving 
in order to promote abundant blooming in the future. 

To my linear logic, this seems backward.

Yes, I understand intellectually 
that pruning strengthens rather than weakens, 
but that doesn't mean I have to like it. 

As I look at the roses, however, 
I realize that pruning is necessary for complete growth. 

 They are already in pain, what's a little more?
This is what it looks like after the pruning. 
It's very pitiful looking right now. 
Like I want to cry, and I bet it's crying too. 
I would have taken a picture during the day, but I didn't know I'd be needing it.

So, I have come to realize, 
is a certain amount of pain in our lives. 

Pain prunes the unessential 
emotions, ambitions, and illusions, 
teaching us the lessons we either
 consciously or unconsciously 
refuse to be taught by joy. 

Pain prunes the insignificant details 
that distract us from what is really important, 
sapping our days, energies, and spirits. 

When we don't prune in the garden, 
Nature does it for us through wind, ice, hail, fire, and flood. 

One way or another, 
the boughs will be shaped and strengthened. 

If we don't prune away the stress 
and plow under the useless in our lives, 
pain will do it for us. 

Make no mistake, 
I think pain is a wretched gardener. 

Her cuts stun and sting.

But after pruning, preferably voluntary, 
we're able to discern what's real, what's important, 
and what's essential for our happiness. 

Study your plants and study your lifestyle. 

When the right time arrives, 
Speak kindly. Pray softly. Prune back.

Now plow ahead.
End Quote 

If you don't prune, bad things happen.

I just saw a tree that wasn't pruned, 
and it had completely overgrown the walkway. 
It was growing sideways instead of up.

Don't grow sideways. 

It hurts, but you can do it.

Go ahead, cut what needs cutting.

Gratitude Journal

1) Days that are crazy. I'm so grateful that you can look back at the day and forget all the horrible things that happened and only remember the good things. The good things, my kid's smiles as they swam, and we got to see a lot of cool animals...and lots of cuddles at the end of the day.

2) Nothing bad happened. I got jinxed today. Someone complimented my kids saying what good listeners they are, and then they stopped being obedient. Jacob ran off when we were at the library. Not just anywhere, he ran through a crowd of people and right out the front door, and hid behind a pillar. I'm dragging the twins behind me, I get out the front door scared to death that he's in the middle of the street, and I still don't see him. I'm standing there completely stumped and the homeless guy sitting on the bench next to the library nods to his hiding place. I lost my crap. I'm so grateful that that was it, and that he wasn't dead out in the street because he ran in front of a car or snatched. I'm so grateful.

3) Jan Thomas Swim School. It was expensive, but it was so worth it. You should have seen them swimming today, they were so excited, and such good swimmers...but of course they still need a lot of work, it's not like they can go swimming on their own or anything, but they are confident, which is super awesome. But maybe too awesome. They kind of bombarded me...have you ever caught three kids jumping into the water at you at once? I've got skills, that I never want to use again.

4) My kids. Being a parent is so hard, but I love them so much.

5) BLTs...well, just the BT. I forgot that I didn't have lettuce. Still, so good.

June 28th - Repotting

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Start Quote
Did you know that plants need to be repotted 
at least every two years?

This has not been a problem for me in the past, 
since plants rarely made it that long around here. 

But as I become a better caretaker of myself, 
I care better for everything.

However, even if the roots don't need more room to grow,
the old oil should be replaced because 
all the nutrients have been consumed...

[Gunilla Norris said] 
"I don't know when I myself am too pot-bound, 
lacking courage to be replanted, 
to take the shock of the new soil, 
to feel into the unknown and take root in it." 

We, too, need to consider repotting for growth. 

But when?

When we wilt even before the day begins...

But repotting doesn't mean we have to 
leave the marriage or quit the job.
[please don't just up and do that]

It just means we need something new. 

Why is it too late to go back to college 
if you do it one course at a time?

Maybe this is the summer to learn to speak French 
or start your own gift basket business?

Perhaps you can get the sewing machine fixed, 
try making blackberry cordial, or take up fencing. 

What's stopping you[?]...

As I work with my plants, I see that the roots are just stunted. 

Gently, with my fingers, I untangle them.

Leaf. Stem. Root.
Mind. Body. Soul...

I set the plant into a slightly larger pot. 
Not too large; we must not overwhelm but encourage.
So too, I must not take on the world 
but simply each task before me. 
End Quote

Of course, the last time I repotted, I killed the plant. 

Do your research first. 

Maybe it just needs some more light, more water, 
some plant food.

Gratitude Journal

1) The mountains. It's hard to sometimes to be patient with toddlers, and when you have three of them...So today we went up the hill. Something about the drive just calms me down. And the fresh air, the sounds, the pool, the lake, the frogs, the carefree playing, Nana and Grandma's house, my friend saying "wow" when we drove up to Grandma's house...my thoughts exactly. 

2) Good company. My friends, my kids friends, and spending the day with us. Not many people you can do that with.

3) Meal planning. I know I'm getting a BLT tomorrow, with tomatoes from my friend's garden. Yum.

4) Robbie. I can't be grateful for that man enough. 

5) Apricots. There is nothing better than picking fruit off of a tree and eating it. It is the most delicious thing ever.

June 27th - Herbs

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Balm brings you sympathy and Marjoram joy
Sage is long life...Sweet Woodruff augurs well for health-
A blessing richer far than wealth.
While Lavender means deep devotion,
Herb of sweet omen, Rosemary conveys
Affection and remembrance all your days.

May Heaven and Earth and Man combine
To keep these blessings ever thine."
-Rachel Page Elliott

Start Quote
Each herb has its own history, significance
and use for either cooking or remedies...

Herbs were considered essential for a 
long, happy, and healthy life.

Herbs are another avenue of creative expression 
for the apartment dweller, because a marvelous 
windowsill garden of herbs can be grown year-round...

Herbs adapt beautifully to container gardens because 
they don't need much space and are very gardener-friendly. 

A delightful kitchen herb garden of 




 sweet marjoram,


and rosemary 

can be cultivated in a large terra-cotta bowl or cation, 
a staple in Italian kitchens. 

The fragrance will perk you up 
every time you walk into the room,
 and fresh herbs will encourage you 
to be more adventurous in your cooking. 
End Quote

Basil is definitely one of my favorites.

The only thing I haven't killed yet is my green onions. 

Did you know that after you use them from the store, 
you can put them in the ground and keep growing them?

Every basil plant I've ever had dies. 

Maybe one of these days I'll have more of a green thumb. 

I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

I'd love to have a bush, so I could also have basil flowers. 
You want something that smells good, 
this is what you want to grow.

I learned about these when I bought 
the last bouquet of flowers for my sister. 
They were gorgeous, and made the bouquet smell heavenly.

Gratitude Journal

1) Bad days come to an end. 

2) Good friends that help you through them.

3) Benadryl. I have like 10 bug bites on each leg. My toe is so swollen that I can't bend it. 

4) Working out. The body is an amazing thing.

5) Sleep.

June 26th - Paradise

Monday, June 26, 2017

Start Quote
It doesn't matter where you live
every woman can delight in this simply abundant pastime.

A wonderful way to begin is by bringing the outdoors in
with plants that bloom all year long.

But not just any plants.

Please leave the spiny spider ferns or rubber plants

in the office reception area where they belong.

Instead, consider fragrant plants redolent of romance:






[which is one of my favorite scented flowers, btw]


scented geraniums.
End Quote

Small world isn't it?

Today, before I read in the book, 
I asked Robbie what he felt about putting more plants in the house.

I was thinking something like this.


I was thinking that I wanted a small garden, 
whether it was herbs or flowers 
or the poor succulent I have outside in exile,
and I want it inside my kitchen window over the sink. 

Robbie just said yes. 


When it'll happen, I don't know. 

"Gardening really has no beginning and no end...

Bottled under glass, blooming at your elbow, 
the indoor garden has an immediacy 
that gardens outside cannot match. 

The aromas impart an intensity that will not be ignored...

Deliciously distilled, delectably varied-
that is the essence of paradise."

I can't wait!

I wonder if Robbie's allergies will allow me 
to have fragrant flowers inside the house though....

Gratitude Journal

1) A 90 something degree day felt amazing compared to the triple digit heat. Thank you Lord.

2) Chick-fil-a, and one of my very best friends. So we haven't seen each other in 2 years, and after a couple years you maybe start to wonder if they still love you or not. And then you meet up finally and realize there was never any need to fear, you were both just extremely busy, for 2 years. She was getting her master's degree, I was raising two one year olds and a two year old. It made my heart so happy to hear about her life and what she gets to do for the next two years, to hug her and talk to her...Good friends are one of the greatest blessings God has given me. I am truly blessed. 

3) Taking care of my roses. The last week of triple digit heat really did a number on them. I knew I hadn't killed them, it's not like I stopped watering them or anything, the heat was just really intense and there is no respite for them from the sun (at least not for a couple years, the tree needs to grow a little more). But then out of all the burned leaves and death, there was new growth. Stronger and brighter than before. It made me think of life, and how where there is a will there's a way. It also made me think of the refiner's fire, how you can just choose to roll over and die or you can choose to continue to grow and have hope.

4) Little things that lead to other things. We were in the car and Usher's Yeah came on, and I immediately thought of this scene. Well, thinking of that led to a movie night with Robbie. It's nice to sit and laugh and hold hands etc etc...

5) FHE. It felt so good, to go see Grandma Great, to watch a scripture video, and feel the spirit. On Sunday the lesson second hour was how to prepare for the second coming of Christ. One of the things was that we have to be valiant in our testimony of Him. That's all I could think about as we watched Stephen be stoned to death, and Paul risk his life to preach the gospel, and ultimately lose it because of his testimony and missionary work. They were valiant in their testimony of Christ. I love this gospel, I love my Savior, and I love that I get to try every day to become more like Him.

June 25th - Getting Started

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Start Quote
How does your garden grow?

Does it grow at all?

If you're having a hard time realizing the garden 
that lives inside your heart, 
there's a way, 
if there's a desire.

Perhaps you don't have a backyard...
that doesn't have to stop you.

Some of the prettiest gardens I've ever seen 
have been on front stoops. 

If you have a balcony or a patio, 
you can create breathtaking container gardens...

If you don't have a balcony or a patio,
interior window boxes can provide you with 
blooming miniature gardens of seasonal plants all year long. 

[My window box is this one, and the birds pick it to shreds. 
Never again.]

If you're fortunate enough to have a bit of earth 
to call your own, make the most of it...

Decide to concentrate on just one spot this year.

Now get yourself a copy of Barbara Damrosch's 


[Barbara advises us to] "keep the green side up...
Good gardening is very simple, really. 
You just have to learn to think like a plant."...

A wonderful way to actually start gardening 
is to send for spring bulb catalogs now. 

Bulbs need to be planted in the fall, 
either in late October or early November before the first frost, 
so the summer is the right time to start 
stockpiling visions of grandeur...

Pay little heed to the accepted wisdom 
that instructs you to space the bulbs apart. 

I did that when we first moved into our home 
and ended up with the most pathetic border ever grown...

I asked a gardener his secret for abundant blooming. 
He told me to plant at least six bulbs in each hole 
(create a circle of bulbs in the hole with one bulb in the center) 
and space your holes closer together. 
The result was stunning. 
End Quote

"Let no one be discouraged by the thought 
of how much there is to learn...
Each new step becomes a little surer, 
and each new grasp a little firmer."

I love bulbs. 

I love them because they are very low maintenance, 
they come back every year, and they multiply!

I had a bunch of naked ladies surrounding my garden at Delbert. 
We didn't stay long enough for them to bloom.
Which made me super sad.

So I googled bulb catalog and here's what I found.
Dutch Bulbs will send you a free catalog,
and the Kitchen Garden Seeds for vegetables. 

And so much more! 

But I'm exhausted and ready for bed. 

I signed up for these catalogs, 
I'll tell you how it goes! 

Gratitude Journal

1) Sundays. Today was a great day. I totally needed a spiritual pick me up, and I got it. 

2) Watching my kids do really cool awesome things. Like be reverent during sacrament meeting. Sharing with each other. Being kind and comforting each other. 

3) It's bed time.

4) Finishing season 6 of Supernatural.

5) Second chances.

June 24th - Living with Flowers

Saturday, June 24, 2017

"I'd rather have roses on my table, 
than diamonds on my neck."

Start Quote
I...feel like an artist when I arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Now is the season for splendor in the vase. 
Let's make the most of it. 

Living with flowers is an exquisite simple pleasure,
and in the spring, summer, and fall,
it's an affordable luxury...

Like Emma Goldman, 
I'd choose roses on my table over diamonds any day.

This is a real possibility if you grow your own, 
which is why I splurged on rosebushes this spring...

Cutting gardens can take years of nurturing
 before they reward you with bouquets of flowers. 

So I weed and water and wait. 

But while I'm waiting I head to the farmers' market 
on the weekends and stop off at roadside stands 
whenever I spot them to smell the flowers 
and indulge by spending a few dollars...

As I arrange bouquets not only for the living room, 
but also the dining room, kitchen 
(remember feng shui!), bathroom and desk, 

I know I am in good company.
End Quote

"Flowers really do intoxicate me."

If I had to choose, 
I guess I'd choose flowers over diamonds. 

But do I have to choose?

Can't I have both?


One of the very last things I brought my sister was a bouquet of flowers from the farmers market. It was all grown in her yard, and there was overgrown basil that had this beautiful flower and scent to it. 

Of course she couldn't take it with her into the ICU. 
They don't allow flowers in there. 

I had just told Robbie that no matter what 
I was going to bring my sister flowers all the time, 
no matter what it cost. 

That's probably why I think of her every time I see one.

Flowers are pretty amazing.

The feelings they invoke are almost indescribable.

Gratitude Journal

1) Lazy and yet productive Saturdays. Lots of naps, lots of rest, lots of organizing.

2) Robbie. He knew how exhausted I was, and he took the brunt of the work with the kids today so I could get more rest than I would have.

3) My in-laws. I'm so grateful they came over, not to just hang out with the kids, but they brought food too. There was no way I was cooking, pizza was so awesome.

4) Gatorade and water. 

5) The red and pink starbursts, and any other starburst in the red color spectrum.