June 16th - Fragrance

Friday, June 16, 2017

"I wish that life should not be cheap, but sacred,
I wish the days to be as centuries, loaded, fragrant."

Start Quote
From the moment man, woman, and child 
first began to follow their noses,
scent has been an irresistible magnet 
drawing the heart and imagination 

A fragrant home is a simple pleasure, 
but one rich in the resonance of reassurance. 

Subtly layering scents throughout the rooms in your home 
imparts a feeling of luxury to your living spaces.

Here are some ways to make your home smell heavenly.

Regularly air your rooms out, even in winter...
be sure to open the windows after a summer shower 
for a delightful scent.

If you have animals, use a baking soda carpet freshener 
every time you vacuum to eliminate objectionable odors

We become accustomed to the smell of our pets, 
but it can be overpowering to unsuspecting visitors...

Trade in aerosol furniture sprays for rich lemon-scented polish. 
You'll get a better shine and scented surroundings.

Simmer apple cider, cinnamon, and cloves in water...

Gently rub environmental fragrance oils onto unfinished 
or unpainted wood, such as the undersides of tables and chairs, 
doorjambs and windowsills, the interiors of wooden drawers, 
closet rods, and shelves. 

Scented candles and incense bring romance to room settings.

Hang scented padded hangers and sachets in closets;
line drawers with scented paper.

Burn aromatic woods and grasses in the fireplace.
Collect driftwood at the beach and bring it home;
burn pinecones sprinkled with essential oil
(balsam, lavender, or cinnamon)
and dried rosemary bundles;
throw in some cedar chips, mesquite, and piñon with your logs...

Set bowls of potpourri throughout your home, 
but use only one type so that the fragrances won't compete.

I like to use florals in the spring and summer 
and spicy potpourri in fall and winter. 

Making your own potpourri is an enjoyable, relaxing pastime, 
as is making sachets, pomanders, 
fragrant pillows, and floral waters. 

Easy, inspiring recipes can be found in 
Barbara Milo Ohrbach's delightful book, The Scented Room...

Our days at home can...be heady and full of fragrant moments once we start to savor the romance of scented rooms.
End Quote

My favorite scent is stopping to smell the roses 
on my way into the house.

Also, whenever my home is filled with the yummy smell 
of whatever I'm cooking.  

Also I love to use my scentsy and essential oils

What is your favorite way to scent up your home?

Gratitude Journal

1) It's Friday. The kids were crazy...I'm glad it's over. 

2) Jacob singing and dancing. He's really good, and it makes us all smile.

3) Laundry. I finally got a crap load of laundry done...my kids go through a lot of clothes...and now they have some clean ones to wear.

4) The nights are cooler than the days. 

5) Watching little kids play. I brought out the tools, and they just had at it. I've never seen the twins play imagination like that, it was really cool to see.