June 29th - Pruning

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"More often than any of us would like to admit, 
life has a way of hitting us where it hurts most..."

Today Sarah talks about Gail Sheehy and her book Pathfinders
and how she coined the term "life accident", 
things that "we are powerless to predict or prevent."

Start Quote
Those individuals who will themselves 
to benefit from adversity become what Sheehy calls 
"pathfinders": real-life champions who, 
"by refusing to go under in the onslaught of a life accident," 
emerge victorious. 

Life accidents prune us back...

The task of pruning seems daunting, formidable...

I am also perplexed by the notion of 
cutting away what appears to be thriving 
in order to promote abundant blooming in the future. 

To my linear logic, this seems backward.

Yes, I understand intellectually 
that pruning strengthens rather than weakens, 
but that doesn't mean I have to like it. 

As I look at the roses, however, 
I realize that pruning is necessary for complete growth. 

 They are already in pain, what's a little more?
This is what it looks like after the pruning. 
It's very pitiful looking right now. 
Like I want to cry, and I bet it's crying too. 
I would have taken a picture during the day, but I didn't know I'd be needing it.

So, I have come to realize, 
is a certain amount of pain in our lives. 

Pain prunes the unessential 
emotions, ambitions, and illusions, 
teaching us the lessons we either
 consciously or unconsciously 
refuse to be taught by joy. 

Pain prunes the insignificant details 
that distract us from what is really important, 
sapping our days, energies, and spirits. 

When we don't prune in the garden, 
Nature does it for us through wind, ice, hail, fire, and flood. 

One way or another, 
the boughs will be shaped and strengthened. 

If we don't prune away the stress 
and plow under the useless in our lives, 
pain will do it for us. 

Make no mistake, 
I think pain is a wretched gardener. 

Her cuts stun and sting.

But after pruning, preferably voluntary, 
we're able to discern what's real, what's important, 
and what's essential for our happiness. 

Study your plants and study your lifestyle. 

When the right time arrives, 
Speak kindly. Pray softly. Prune back.

Now plow ahead.
End Quote 

If you don't prune, bad things happen.

I just saw a tree that wasn't pruned, 
and it had completely overgrown the walkway. 
It was growing sideways instead of up.

Don't grow sideways. 

It hurts, but you can do it.

Go ahead, cut what needs cutting.

Gratitude Journal

1) Days that are crazy. I'm so grateful that you can look back at the day and forget all the horrible things that happened and only remember the good things. The good things, my kid's smiles as they swam, and we got to see a lot of cool animals...and lots of cuddles at the end of the day.

2) Nothing bad happened. I got jinxed today. Someone complimented my kids saying what good listeners they are, and then they stopped being obedient. Jacob ran off when we were at the library. Not just anywhere, he ran through a crowd of people and right out the front door, and hid behind a pillar. I'm dragging the twins behind me, I get out the front door scared to death that he's in the middle of the street, and I still don't see him. I'm standing there completely stumped and the homeless guy sitting on the bench next to the library nods to his hiding place. I lost my crap. I'm so grateful that that was it, and that he wasn't dead out in the street because he ran in front of a car or snatched. I'm so grateful.

3) Jan Thomas Swim School. It was expensive, but it was so worth it. You should have seen them swimming today, they were so excited, and such good swimmers...but of course they still need a lot of work, it's not like they can go swimming on their own or anything, but they are confident, which is super awesome. But maybe too awesome. They kind of bombarded me...have you ever caught three kids jumping into the water at you at once? I've got skills, that I never want to use again.

4) My kids. Being a parent is so hard, but I love them so much.

5) BLTs...well, just the BT. I forgot that I didn't have lettuce. Still, so good.