Jacob's First Year of Life

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This has been one of the best adventures I've ever had. I love this little boy, and I love being his mama. I love that sometimes I can't remember the last time I took a shower, or had a couple hours to paint my nails. I love that he's the cutest little time stealer this world has ever seen. 

Every day is a new day, and a new adventure. To learn and to play and to love.

He is getting more and more cuddly. 
He's getting close to walking. 
If I could get into his mouth to count, I think he might have more than 8 teeth now. It's a struggle to brush his teeth and give him a bath, but he is the sweetest thing when you're changing his diaper, staying as still for you as can be...most of the time. 
He's already wearing 18-24 month clothes. 
He has a lot more hair, so much so the back is too long! It's curling and from the back sometimes he looks like a girl. 
He "talks" in sing song, that up down two note tune. I guess everything I say has that sound, like love you, uh oh, hel-lo, thank you, all done, dir-ty etc, so I never know what he's trying to say because he just hums that same two note tune. I swear he's saying dada and mama, but not consistently. 
He misses his daddy so much he cries at the door if he isn't home by 6:00pm, and if we're eating and he walks in the door he won't eat another bite until daddy comes and feeds him, well, because daddy is home! He hears the door open and the dog bark and he goes flying to it. 
He has a good friend named Jack, they laugh like mad men every time they see each other, like they have an inside joke that the moms are completely out of the loop on. He has another great friend, our dog Indy. She's his bestest friend. He wrestles her, cuddles with her, climbs all over her, and she sometimes helps him walk around. She also helps clean up his face and any other messes he might leave around the house or under his high chair. 
He's still very independent, which is good and bad. Sometimes I would just LOVE to play with him, but he'd rather be playing by himself. But he does love a good game of chase. I finally had to get down on the floor and trying not to squish my pregnant belly, crawled under a chair to show him that it could be done. He's been crawling under everything and anything ever since. 
He loves taking things out of boxes or bags or baskets, but now we're moving on. He's not doing any extremes anymore of only one way, now there are two or more ways, like putting stuff into the boxes or bags or baskets. We sing the clean up song and clean up at least once a day. Sometimes he helps, sometimes he doesn't.
He doesn't bite anymore, but we're starting to hit. Sometimes I know he was being malicious, he's got that angry look on his face of I didn't like what you just did let me hit you. Other times he wants your attention, and other times he's trying to play. So we're trying to learn not to hit, but to be gentle. It takes twice as long to change his diaper, because we spend half the time not hitting the babies (because what do you know, my huge belly is right there and oh so tempting) and practicing being gentle. We also practice being gentle on Indy...we trained her to not retaliate in any way to getting this kind of abuse of ear and hair pulling and hitting and wrestling, but it still isn't nice to hit the dog. 
Just in the last couple days he's started shaking his head no every time we say no to something. It's freaking adorable.
He usually waves goodbye, and we get kisses every now and then. One time the kiss was puckered! 
We are bottle free and moving onto milk, and we love food. Sometimes we love soft food and feeding ourselves, other times it's baby food all day. He's usually pretty successful spoon to bowl to mouth, but only if he's interested in trying. I encourage it, but don't force it. You can't force anything with this kid.
His smile could move mountains. Maybe even oceans.
He's like Anna almost every day. "They sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play!"
He loves dancing, and listening to music. He's getting into movies more lately, especially musicals. It's getting to the point where I can't just have the tv on to listen to it anymore, because he's starting to watch it. Sorry kid, no tv all day for you. 
He usually smiles for the camera. He went through this funny phase of tilting his chin up and smiling really cheesy at you, squinting his eyes and everything. I think that's over, but it was hilarious. 

I have loved every stage, and I can't wait for the next one and the next one and the next. Being his mom is the best job in the world.

Here are my favorite pictures, some of them are out of order and maybe some are after his birthday. I wasn't very good about taking pictures, or dressing nicely, or getting all the special events captured (like I completely missed his blessing day, and the last 4 months I've been on bed rest I missed things like his first hair cut)...but that's okay. At least I have some pictures, and hopefully as time goes on I'll get better about taking pictures that count :)

 My little potato looking alien!

 Geeze, going through that birth canal really made your head look funny.
 Look at those eyes!
 First time he held daddy's hand.
 I was telling him that he was probably the ugliest baby I'd ever seen, but he was the most beautiful thing in the world to me. 

Great Nana singing to him for the first time.
 Sleep never felt so good. I was all by myself for the first time in 9 months! 

 I was so scared that I would break him, and I couldn't stand making him cry.
 I love love love him so much.

As time went on I finally was able to bathe and change diapers and burp him without feeling like I was going to hurt him. 
 Just a little jaundice, thank goodness for the sunshine.
 We love walks.

 I got sick once or twice, and his smiling face made life a whole lot better.

 We finally got a birth announcement out.
 Our first car accident :(

 Four generations.

 He's so happy he hardly ever sits still for a picture.


 One of our best friends, and thank goodness our neighbor or we'd never see her.

 We love our dog, and being naked in the sunshine.
 No phone or object in your hands is safe.

 You taste so good! He loves faces.

 I'm too tired, why don't you just come cuddle with me for awhile while I wake up? Bad idea, I was attacked over and over and over...
 He never fell asleep in our arms, so when he did it was a special occasion.
 Starting to learn to crawl! With our loyal friend.
Falling asleep while eating is like the best of both worlds.

 Just starting to get some hair! Hey Alfalfa. 
 Falling asleep in my arms, what a treat.
 Who me? I'm not chewing on anything...
 We love the dog, and we're both not wearing clothes :)
 Learning to walk!

 And what would crawling be if you didn't crawl under and through things?


 That's better :)
 Hey look!
 I'm so helpful. Let me just take all these clean clothes you're trying to fold and put them on the floor with the dog hair. They would look so much better with dog hair, don't you think?
 Falling into the ottoman and catching it on camera? Priceless.

 Can we go outside please?

 First time at the beach. Didn't so much like the water or the sand...but loved hot dogs and grapes.

 Cheese! We're super pregnant with brother and sister, and here is the cheesy smile he gave me when I said "say cheese!". 
 Brother and sister make such a nice bed. 
 Oh hey mom! Look what I found.

Happy First Year of Life Jacob! We love you, and can't wait for the many more to come.