Peach Pantry

Friday, September 7, 2012

When I married Robbie I knew he was handy, but I didn't realize how handy. He, with help from his family, has moved the dryer and the washer into the garage, so we could have more room for a larger refrigerator (in years to come) in the kitchen. 

And I think it took 3 months to get everything moved and finished?

It wasn't until the color was on the wall that I realized I chose the color of skin...still learning to make good decorating choices.
(you can reach everything all the way around, and you can stand in there comfortably without bumping anything)

The pictures don't do it justice...the peach color on the walls, with future blue trim and soon all that food (and the rest of it) will be organized, and the archway...So it's not done, but in real life it's very nice. 

It's so nice to have all that room to put food in!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm impressed with Robbie's work...aren't you? I think the materials (boards, metal things, screws) and paint, cost $250? Not bad...not least I don't think so. 

How freakin' cool is this???!!!

The dryer used to be there!