Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's now or never. I'm still sanding the end table, there's laundry and blankets everywhere (like over the rocking chair)...but it's never going to be completely clean or organized, because that's just me and how I roll. So here you go, this is the first room I've ever "completed".

One of Puppy's favorite spots, the middle of the room, any room, every room :)

And of course, here is our baby boy, trying to cheer me up this morning because I'm not feeling well. I'm not kissing him, washing my face and hands all the time, which makes me sad! He was saying don't be sad momma, I love you :)

And I'm freakin adorable, who wouldn't be happy holding me?

It's Tuesday, right? Have a great Tuesday everyone!


I love to crochet! And I love making things and giving gifts. Some of these I found patterns for, others I made up all on my own!
Not the finished monkey! She's missing her tail...and still has a needle stuck in her head. I used a pattern. 

My palm tree to go with the monkey! No pattern.
 My  best friend Kelli, and the bow I made her. Pattern.
 Hearts, pattern.
 Poppy headbands, and a bow. Patterns.
 Turtle! Pattern.

 Giraffe! Pattern
 Lady bug :) pattern

Tinker Bell! No pattern! That's all me baby :D

Jacob's mobile! It's a sky theme. Starts with the sun, moon, stars, clouds, then goes down to airplane, hot air balloon, kite and bird. The only pattern I used was for the stars, the rest was all me!

What do you think? Every time I do something it gets better and better. There's always something crooked, but every new thing gets better and less crooked :)


This was a fun day, and I wanted to document it. Hope you enjoy!

I would love to just breast feed Jacob, but after a month he had only gained 10 oz from his birth weight.  I trust my pediatrician, and he said he wanted to see him gaining at least twice that. 

Jacob was eating every 2 hours, starving after 20-30 minutes of feeding. He wasn't sleeping well, and neither was I. Dr Jones said that his stools looked way too I started supplementing. 

That first feeding that we supplemented, he slept better, and my goodness he started gaining weight! At a month and a half he was 9 lbs 3 oz...I don't like that I can't exclusively breast feed him, it makes me feel like I'm not enough for him. But he is happy and healthy now and he wasn't before, and so I am happy and healthy now too! Happy and healthy is so good. 


Our house is like a maze, there is always something to do. As you move through the house, you see more and more things to do. You walk past the kitchen and see the dishes, so you do them. Then you see the counters, so you clean those. Then you see that your towels are dirty, so you do a load of laundry. It just keeps going! So once you get out of the house, you stay out, or else the house will just suck you right back in. Even now, I'm on the computer and I'm looking at the desk and noticing I need to dust!

So yesterday was Jacob's weight check, and there is a thrift store on the way home, so of course we went. I found this adorable leather briefcase for $9. I don't know about you, but when I do something I like to do it right. I'm a secretary in the Relief Society Presidency, and I've been so disorganized. Last night organizing and putting things in the briefcase made me so happy and excited to work!

It seems like having a baby just opens up everyone to conversation. I had some of the nicest conversations with some very lovely ladies in line. One of them gave me a coupon for half off. Now my $9 genuine leather briefcase was now $4.50 :) It was so nice to talk to kind strangers. And Jacob slept.

Then I went to Costco. And Jacob slept.

And then I went home to drop off the perishables. And Jacob slept.

So I decided to go to Target. I had some formula coupons that were going to expire, and since I have to supplement, I'll take any help I can get. And I wanted some leather polish to clean up my new leather case...and he still slept.

He didn't wake up till we got home, and we got sucked back in. 

Once you get out, stay out! And once you're in, maybe you should stay in. Some stay in days are pj days, and others are lets get all dolled up for the fun of it days.

Also I've been thinking. Don't let people that let you down discourage or disappoint you. You are in charge of your own happiness, and so when people don't do what they say they are going to do, or don't do what they should do whether they say they are going to or not, well, it can really get you down! So don't let it. It's easier said then done, but working on it a little every day has made me so much happier.

Also, there is so much to do, and it is never ending! If you let it get you down, and you don't know where to start, you probably won't ever start. So start somewhere, set a good foundation, and then set good goals. Don't overburden yourself, but don't not do what you want to or need to do. Try and do something every day, and don't get on yourself if you fail. You'll probably fail more than you'll succeed, but eventually your successes will outweigh your failures. But if you never practice or try, then you'll always fail and you'll never do everything or anything you want or need to do. 

Now I'm rambling, brain is going all fuzzy...sleep deprivation will do that to you. Nap time.