Peach Pantry

Friday, September 7, 2012

When I married Robbie I knew he was handy, but I didn't realize how handy. He, with help from his family, has moved the dryer and the washer into the garage, so we could have more room for a larger refrigerator (in years to come) in the kitchen. 

And I think it took 3 months to get everything moved and finished?

It wasn't until the color was on the wall that I realized I chose the color of skin...still learning to make good decorating choices.
(you can reach everything all the way around, and you can stand in there comfortably without bumping anything)

The pictures don't do it justice...the peach color on the walls, with future blue trim and soon all that food (and the rest of it) will be organized, and the archway...So it's not done, but in real life it's very nice. 

It's so nice to have all that room to put food in!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm impressed with Robbie's work...aren't you? I think the materials (boards, metal things, screws) and paint, cost $250? Not bad...not least I don't think so. 

How freakin' cool is this???!!!

The dryer used to be there! 

Meet Indy

Hello Puppy!!!

So we've kind of been going on a shopping spree...

It seems like every month we buy something that seems too expensive...partly because I don't like spending money...

Two months ago we bought a new car... 

You know your husband loves you when you're sweating and your clown make-up is just dripping down your face, and so he takes your little 2003 Kia Spectra with no AC so you could have the little blue Saturn that does have AC...makes sense right? I mean a baby can't ride around in a car with no AC, right? Even though a baby was very far away...

So he's be driving my little white Kia, and it just doesn't fit him. So we had enough saved up to put a down payment on a car that did fit him and his business world...and does have AC thank goodness...

Then this last month we got a dog! Not nearly as expensive as the car...thank goodness. 

We got her through Central Valley Animal Lovers. It cost $200 to adopt her, and she had all her shots and was fixed. 

Meet Indy! 

 She's now 5 months old, we'll have had her for a month on Saturday!
 It's not a trick of the light, her face is really that the dark, just like my cat, you can't see her if she's looking right at you...
 And she's so happy...all the time!
 She's a Shepard mix
 Elphaba and Indy are getting along's much better than it was the first day.
 And up and down and all over the house they chase each other. Sometimes Indy is on the attack, and most of the time Elphaba is...Indy just wants to play so bad! But Elphaba kind of sort of yes wants nothing to do with it...

Listen buster, I've the higher ground, and you're not allowed up here because mom will correct you...ah ha! Take that! And that! .....Yes, I talk to my pets, and they talk to me through me...we have whole conversations between us, and they're amazing...

Love her. Love them.

She's such a good dog, such a nice temperament. It's so much harder to train dogs than I thought it would be...walking her every morning instead of her walking me. I know she's going to get bigger, so I just hope training her works so she won't ever go running off and the leash goes flying out of my hands...or I'm able to hold on and she drags me along...the nightmares I have :/ 

Potty training...

Having to watch her every time she goes outside, and even inside...because the second I turn my back she finds something I left out (I'm getting better at not leaving things out), or she's digging in the dirt spots where grass hasn't grown, and her paws and mouth are filthy! Is she eating the dirt? I don't know...You'd think I'd learn to stop turning my back...maybe I will...

No matter how tired you are you have to get up to take her out to go to the bathroom at 5:15, then a walk when it's still cool outside, so like somewhere between 6:30-7:30...gets into everything and anything...

Definitely good training and prepping for me to have a little baby crawling around.

That's not an announcement...

Just an observation.