Spring-My Favorite Season

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I've always debated what my favorite season is, because I like and dislike so many different things about each one. I love that I get to wear gorgeous sweaters, coats, boots and scarves in winter but I dislike being cold (or you walk into a warm room and you're already dressed for cold and don't have anything cooler to change into). I love summer's sweltering heat but dislike having to do any more than just sit in it, especially if there is no escape to an air conditioned home with a cool shower and ice water. I love fall's changing colors and the beginning of sweater weather and the cool after the summer heat, but I can't stand how cold it is in the morning and hot it is in the afternoon (is that just Fresno?). 

But Spring, I can find no fault in you.

The cool mornings, the warm but not too warm afternoons with a cool breeze floating through the open windows and doors, the sun coming back to spend more time with us.

I don't know if I ever would love spring as much as I do if it weren't for Jacob. 

After playing outside he smells like sunshine and warm dirt and grass. It's interesting how it's not a dirty smell, but an inviting and invigorating smell. 

His smile and laughing in the sunshine as he tries to run across the green grass is infinitely more adorable.

Blowing dandelions has never been more exciting. After showing him I watch him as he tries to copy me, but not getting it quite right. He holds the dandelion as far away from his mouth as his little arm will reach and tries to blow the fairies into the air to no avail. Amidst the laughing and the blowing sounds, which are on the list of my top favorite sounds that kids make besides laughing and babies sucking, he gets a little frustrated and starts waving it around and then throws it on the floor as he stomps away (trying to run) smiling and laughing on to the next one.

Indy is a spectacular runner, the fastest dog I've ever seen (keeping in mind I guess I haven't seen very many dogs running), and very well coordinated. It reminds me of a horse barrel racing, except that Jacob and I are the barrels and we're moving trying to catch her tail. 

Yelling at the cat trying to get her to come play, never gets old. And of course once she's down she becomes the obsession of the dog, which just adds to the fun.

Going down the slide, head first, feet first, on our bottom or on our stomach, slow or fast, slides are so much fun.

Finding the beauty in the rocks, dirt, pieces of grass he comes to put in my hand to show me. In the spring there are the blossoms on our tree as they fall all around us blanketing the grass. 

The bees and the birds that are in the tree add the most beautiful background sound, making the air positively hum.

It's so perfect in the warmth, the sun, and the breeze, what's better than a naked baby? Running around letting the sun kiss your skin. Standing there (or running after him) feeling the sun seep through my shirt, and kiss my arms neck and face. 

Spring, is absolute bliss. 

Definitely, by far, my favorite season.