Blue Couch

Friday, June 15, 2012

Well, we did it! 
I came home from a late night at work and 
Robbie was home, working, sitting on this.
I was shocked, and surprised! I guess the store called him and he and his brother went and picked it up! I don't know what it was about the blue couch, but I wanted it, and I love it! 

In the design book I've been reading, it says the number one thing in making your home your own and decorating it in your style is being confident in other words, if you want the blue couch go for it! If you believe the love seat will fit better than a couch  because your living room is small, then go for the love seat! And so we did, and I love it. I think when everything in the living room is done, for example when we do what we want with the mantle (making more room for another chair, making 3 seats in the room), new carpet, tv mounted on the wall, new covers for the windows (curtains? blinds?), frames and photos on the wall...I don't think it'll be perfect (which, really, who wants something to be perfect? The design book says nothing should be perfect, but anyways, but I digress)...It won't be perfect, but it'll be ours, and it'll be nice, and it'll be comfortable. 

I've never decorated anything before.

I'm so excited.

Life After School

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's almost been a month since I finished school...and I've been enjoying most of it. 

I don't enjoy the days when people get to me...telling me that I'm becoming lazy, that I should get a job...asking me what's next and when I answer "I just earned a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science, and we're trying to start a family" look down on me like that's not important...people can be really mean.

When I let them get to me my days really suck. I cry, I don't do anything but watch the history channel and musicals on Netflix, and then I feel worse for just sitting here letting people get to me. It's a vicious cycle...

Then on most days, I've been learning. I've been enhancing my sewing skills. I've been learning about my garden, making notes on how to make it better in the winter/next spring. I've been organizing my school notes, compiling my thoughts and trying to figure out how to teach it so that people who don't understand science can understand it. 

I've been doing projects around the house, learning about decorating! Robbie and his dad moved the washer into the garage, and the fridge where the washer used to be. Soon we'll get the dryer into the garage and we can start building my pantry in it's place! We've put in a nicer ceiling fan,'s just been a blast. We kind of splurged a little this month on the projects, but we're going to space them out better.

I've been learning to organize my time better. Discipline. It's hard. 

I've been becoming a better clown, I've had a lot more work lately. My Saturdays are full and I often have several shows during the week. 


I've finally decided not to listen to the naysayers. 

I seem to make this decision a lot, because I often forget that I've made this decision and so fall back into caring. 

But I don't care, so why do I? 

I don't know.

Here are some pictures of some of the things I've been doing.
 I had to hem the top and bottom of the curtains
 Decorations for my grad party

 Kelli and I got paint everywhere when we painted the living room
 My sister graduated from the 8th grade! She earned two awards, and in the fall she'll be in high school...she's growing up way to fast! Our cousin Brooke graduated with her, and then the day after our cousin Zane graduated from high school. I don't think we'll have another graduation for four years? Thank goodness.

Remember: live your life, and live it your way. It's often hard when the people you love try to get you down, because you care about them you care what they have to say...but what they say makes you feel so crummy. I don't think they mean to make you feel that way, but nonetheless they do make you feel that sad you could cry and so you do. I guess we just have to ignore them, because they're not going away. 

We just have to remember...

it's our life...

my life...

And it's my life that makes me happy, not the lives others push me to live. 

Stand up for your life.

Goodbye sad days...Hello hope.