January 27th - Write to Yourself

Friday, January 27, 2017

"I will write myself into well-being."

Sarah talks today about something I think we can all relate too, how there is "rarely a quieting of my mind...

I discovered that my mind will grab hold of a single thought like a pit bull terrier with a bone and not let it go until I'm exhausted or have lost interest...

[and] desperate to quiet the voice in my head"

What did she do?

She wrote. 

Not in a fancy journal, that would be intimidating. But just in something that you can write down what you're thinking. 

"What I was doing was not so much recording the events in my life as much as eliminating the mental minutiae that was depleting my creative energy and driving me crazy. I was then able to let go and get on with my day...Just get down on paper whatever's hovering on the horizon of your brain disguised as a dull headache."

"Groan and forget it"

Writing creates a "reassuring rhythm", a "self-nurturing ritual...it clears my head and calms my restless spirit."

She says don't be shocked if you complain a lot at first, but "you can't moan about a situation for months and not decide to do something about it. You'll get tired of the sound of your own nagging and be inspired to get moving."

"With pencil and paper, I could revise the world"

"Writing...is a sure way of revising yours as you search for your authenticity."

She suggests writing a little every day, 21 days to make it a habit...I haven't exactly been writing like she says, but the last 27 days I have written something every day, and it has been relaxing. I do feel like as I write I am rewriting myself. I feel like it's easier to do what she's saying, to let it become a part of me, as I write about it, adding my own personal touches. 

So now I guess you need two journals, a gratitude journal and a notebook you can write anything in. 

I don't know if there's a spiritual thought or not, I'm too tired tonight. 

I've had quite a few people say "I wish I had your talent for writing"...well, why don't you start? 

Start writing, I think it may surprise you where it takes you.

Gratitude Journal

1) Elder Nelson. I got to be in the same room as an apostle! How cool! It wasn't as cool as I thought it was going to be, but it was still cool.

2) Cute Kids. Why are kids the most adorable creatures? With those squishy cheeks and their pudgy hands and little fingers and toes, and all that baby fat? 

3) My cousins. I have some pretty great family. My cousins are super talented, and I love making music with them. We sound amazing, it's cool.

4) Vintage clothes that came from Grandma. Need I say more?

5) Clean babies. They were getting a little dirty, so we had a nice long bath. There is nothing better than clean babies to cuddle.