My Favorite Child

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I keep getting asked which one is my favorite? Which child do I love on the most? Which one do I think is the cutest? 

The truth is, they are all my favorite.

I look at Jacob and think that he is the most handsome creature I have ever seen in the entire universe, and then I look at Chase and think the exact same thing about him. 

I look at Riley and think that she is the most beautiful being to ever exist, and then I look at her handsome brothers. 

I love how their hair varies from light brown to dark, and I love all three. I can't choose a favorite.

I love how their skin varies from pale white to olive brown, and I love all three. I can't choose a favorite.

I love how their eyes go from so light it's almost green to milk chocolate, and I love all three. I can't choose a favorite.

And then of course they do have common features that are easy to love. I look at each pair of feet, each little hand, nose, mouth...every time I get a smile, or a tongue sticking out at me, or a coo, or a laugh, or a cry whether it be real or crocodile and I can't help but smile because they are all so beautiful. Which one wears it better? I can't decide, I can't choose a favorite.

I was thinking how can I love each child so equally when they are so different? How can you not have a favorite? 

It's like my heart grew three times its size in order to hold all the love. It must have, or it would have exploded. 

I love the chunk, and how they are starting to hang onto you like a little monkey. How cute they look in their little outfits. The bows and flowers I get to put in Riley's hair, and Jacob loves putting them on too to be just like sister. The smiles! The coos! The sleeping. The laughing! Be still my heart.

And how Jacob now refuses to look at me for a picture, and has decided to run away from us at all times no matter what the situation. How he says "whooooow, whooooow", and is becoming so interactive! I asked him to go get his shoes, and what do you know he came back a couple minutes later with his shoes. He is constantly asking "what's that?" and then thinks about the word I just told him...sometimes he even tries out the word. He is always kissing his brother and sister and trying to play with them. He loves Sesame Street, and music! Every time a tune comes on he drops what he's doing, squats and bounces and waves his arms around. He is trying so hard to jump, and it just turns into a kind of gallop. He runs so fast now I have a hard time catching him! How he loves loves loves his Nana, he runs to her and laughs every time he sees her. And of course he'll do things for her that he won't do for me, like eat a pb&j sandwich.

I could watch them sleep forever, and better yet hold them on my chest while they sleep, and forever would not be nearly long enough to enjoy and appreciate how beautiful and peaceful they are as they sleep.

I could kiss and cuddle them every minute of every day for the rest of eternity, and it would not be long enough to show them how much I love them.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity God has given me, and that I have Robbie to share it with.

 Ah...a perfect example of this running away phase he's going through

 He fell down, then posed