May 25th - Passion

Thursday, May 25, 2017

"What is passion?
It is surely the becoming of a person."

Start Quote
Many women long to live passionate lives, to be swept away
-but at a safe distance and in small doses...

Passion, after all, means the abandonment of reason 
in the reckless pursuit of pleasure...

Passion is wild, chaotic, unpredictable.
Permissive. Excessive. Obsessive...

Passionate women can't help but exult in their emotions, 
revel in their desires, howl at the moon, act out their fantasies...

The rest of us have real life responsibilities that leave little room
(or so we think)
for giving in to passionate impulses:

runny noses to wipe, dogs to walk...
[household and family to run]

There goes the day.

There goes a life, and not with a bang,
but a whimper and a whine.

What we don't realize is that passion 
is the muse of authenticity.

It's the primordial, pulsating energy that infuses all of life, 
the numinous presence made known with every beat of our hearts.

Passion does not reveal herself only in 
clandestine, romantic, bodice-ripping cliches. 

Passion's nature is also cloaked in the 
deep, subtle, quiet, and committed:

nursing a baby, 
planting a rose garden, 
preparing a special meal, 
caring for a loved one who is ill, 
remembering a friend's birthday, 
persevering in a dream.

Every day offers us another opportunity 
to live passionate lives rather than passive ones...

If we will will stop denying ourselves pleasure...

Passion is part of Real Life's package
because we were created by Love, for Love, to Love. 

If we do not give outward expression to our passions, 
we will experience self-immolation
-the spontaneous combustion of our souls.
End Quote

"The only sin passion can commit is to be joyless."

I don't know about you, but I don't want to self combust, 
or wither away into nothing...

Here's to passion, and loving every day.

Gratitude Journal

1) Workout. I did not want to do today...and even though I got there a little late I finally made it out of the house. Working out was just what I needed to kick my butt.

2) Best friends. A lot of times there are people in life that you wanted to be friends with, and then somehow it gets ruined and they don't like you anymore because of something you said or did. It sucks knowing that someone doesn't like you, even when you know you did nothing wrong. That's why best friends are so important. You realize how much it means to your heart that you have someone (besides your family and your spouse) who will love you no matter what, who will want you in their life all the means so much.

3) Cleaning other people's houses. I can't even tell you the kind of therapy that it is for me. I have no idea why, but working out and then seeing your best friend and then helping her clean her kitchen, is super helpful. It's like ingesting a burst of sunshine.

4) Passion. The last couple of days I didn't know what I wanted to do, and then I remembered what I'm passionate about. Teaching piano, making music, being with my family and friends, creating...I'm excited about tomorrow, and focusing on my passions.

5) Tomorrow is Friday!!!