May 5th - An Honest Home

Friday, May 5, 2017

*what our homes would look like if we just took a day off*

"Recognizing and acknowledging the needs of those you live with as well as your own 
is the first step toward making everybody's habitat 
happy and harmonious, 

the way a home is meant to be...

A home's tranquility always come from within 
no matter what the circumstances.

The space one's soul requires 
cannot be measured in inches, feet, or dollars.

Do not let your practical considerations discourage you,
even if right now they might defer your dream 
of truly expressing yourself through your surroundings. 

Begin to work with, 
instead of fighting against,
your real life limitations.

Never forget that your life and decorating styles 
are works-of-art-in-progress.

Interior decorator and writer Alexandra Stoddard believes that 
'where we are in our lives and our relationship with others'
must take precedence over our decorating choices,

and she's right.

'Sometimes what we want just isn't practical or right for us now.
A home with small children should be set up differently than one with grown children...

An honest home that rings true to the lives of the people who occupy it will always be disarmingly refreshing to visitors.'

And with the right perspective, 
it can be for those who live there as well." 

Ladies, lets stop apologizing for our messy homes.

It's not a mess, it's just lived in.

Those of us with young children know 
that what takes hours to clean 
can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, 
and not only that it can 
but that it does. 

Ladies, lets stop apologizing that our homes are childproofed and the pretty things that we have are locked away out of reach of little fingers.

Lets instead enjoy the stages.

Lets enjoy the messy hand prints all over the walls, 
and the occasional crayon or pencil too.

Lets enjoy that there are diapers on the bookshelves instead of books, which are still packed away in the garage since you moved over a year ago.

Lets enjoy that the couches will continually be dirty, and the kitchen table will either have food or a project in progress on it, and that there will always be dishes in the sink.

Lets enjoy that projects that take time and money will not be done immediately, and will be all the more appreciated when they are finally finished.

Lets be happy with our honest home.

Gratitude Journal

1) My car seems to be working. Today was the first day we've driven somewhere in a week! And it felt so good.

2) After a crazy long week, the twins are leaving with the grandparents tonight.

3) I don't have to make dinner. Pizza is coming, along with family. Two really good things, on top of not having to make dinner...

4) The cool weather.

5) A day full of playing.