May 31st - Whimsy and Wit

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Oh, the fun of arriving at a house and feeling the spark 
that tells you that you are going to have a good time."

Whimsy is playful and fun, 
and wit is the ability to share something 
in an amusing or illuminating way.

Start Quote
Many women approach decorating very seriously.

But often homes that best express 
their owner's authentic sense of style 
are decorated with a lighthearted touch.

They possess that spark of high spirits that tells you 
good times are part of this home's personal history...

Our sense of humor doesn't have to be 
communicated through sight gags 
so much as expressed through the subtle charm 
of the unexpected through whimsy and wit...
End Quote

Sarah shares some of her favorite people 
who have created whimsical worlds.


Harriet Bennett


My favorite place to put whimsy in my home? 

My front door. 

Right when you come in my wreath is there to greet you.

Of course that means I need to go make one now, 
I haven't made my summer one yet.

It's going to have pinwheels!

How about you? 

Where do you put your whimsy and wit?

Gratitude Journal

1) My night off. I'm going to go and make myself a pinwheel wreath that I've been wanting to make ever since spring started.

2) A lazy day. All we did was laundry and play and tv. 

3) Supernatural. I love Sam and Dean.

4) Taking time to practice the piano. And the kids coming and playing with me. Productive for me and yet also good parenting. Win win.

5) Hump day is over.