May 12th - Feng Shui

Friday, May 12, 2017

Feng shui teaches you "how to bring more 
harmony, health, prosperity, and good fortune into [your life] 
through inspired interior design."

"All of us can make simple and affordable changes in our homes and workplaces that will spark our natural potential to be as alive, receptive and as focused as possible. In these rapidly changing times, simple feng shui adjustments can help bring clarity, peace, joy and prosperity."

Now I don't know much about feng shui, 
but I do know that if things aren't in the right place it'll make you 
anxious, uneasy, and sometimes frustrated 
and you won't know why. 

For example, we finally got rid of the changing table in the living room because the twins are getting so darn big it's hard to get them up there 10 times a day. 

Well, with nothing there, we put the love seat in its place 
just to see what it would look like. 

Oh. My. Goodness.

It's like the room was holding its breath and it finally exhaled.

The room suddenly flowed.


After. The picture doesn't do it justice

I also know that this one other thing totally works.

Katherine suggests if you're stuck in a rut to move 
"twenty-seven objects in your home that have not been moved in the last year...
[it] will enhance your ability to move forward in life."

I don't know if I ever make it to 27, but I sure get close. 

Sarah says to "clear closets and junk drawers or move furniture around to dust behind it. Trust me...It may seem illogical and inexplicable to rigid Western minds that good fortune can become ours by hanging mirrors or positioning our bed and desk a certain way. But it can't hurt to be curious and experimental.

After all, if we don't seek, we'll never find."

That reminds me, I need to clear out my spice cabinet

Here is my spice cabinet before I organized.

Here is my empty spice cabinet...proof that everything was out.

I love Winco's bulk section, and that's where I get my spices. 
I refill whatever bottles I have, but last year I would buy the spices 
and never refill the bottle. 
I would use the spices right out of the bag! 

So that's mostly what I did, besides organizing...
I put things where they needed to go. 
I didn't have 11 jars of pumpkin spice like Sarah did. 
I am almost out of Basil though...

Also, I enjoyed Feng Shui for was helpful.

Gratitude Journal

1) Vallartas. I love their food! And lunch with those you love, even though my kids were driving me absolutely nuts.

2) Robbie riding his bike to and from work. It's pretty awesome. 

3) My new vacuum. The Shark is amazing!

4) I had a stye for the last couple days, and today it was finally healed enough that I could wear my contacts! I love my contacts.

5) TV. I tried really really hard not to watch any all week, and I did really good! But today I was done...thank you tv for making this long night of babysitting much more bearable.