June 21st - Bloom Where You're Planted

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Bloom where you're planted."


"Gardening is one of the rewards of middle age, 
when one is ready for an impersonal passion, 
a passion that demands patience, 
acute awareness of a world outside oneself, 
and the power to keep on growing through all the times of drought, 
through the cold snows, 
towards those moments of pure joy 
when all failures are forgotten and the plum tree flowers."

Start Quote
As I have tried and failed and tried again, 
I have discovered that if we are to flourish as creative beings, 
if we are to grow into Wholeness
we must bloom wherever we are planted.

Right now, you might not have 
the perfect career, home, or relationship. 
Few of us do. 

But if you have the gift of today, 
you've got another chance to re-create your circumstances 
and make them as perfect as it's possible to do 
with the resources you have. 

Today, you get another chance to get it as right as you can make it. 

What more could you desire?
End Quote 

"The people who get on in this world 
are the people who get up and 
look for the circumstances they want.

And if they can't find them, make them."

Gratitude Journal

1) Being the secretary of the Chasing Shelby Foundation. I love it.

2) Putting a car show on. It's a lot of fun. Stressful, although more stressful for others than myself.  

3) The kids are kind of going crazy, I think it's the heat. I'm grateful for water, and ac, and that today is over. Maybe tomorrow they won't be so crazy.

4) Notebooks.

5) Heat. I don't mind it. 105 degrees, I'm good. But my poor roses! I'm grateful again for water.