June 22nd - Victory Garden

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Start Quote
The 1930s and 1940s were lean and hungry years in America.

People hungered in the 1930s because of the Depression:
debt, drought, dust storms, displacement,
and heartbreaking breadlines and unemployment lines. 

From 1942 to 1945, people were hungry for 
peace, order, safety, security, and homecomings, 
as well as meat, cheese, sugar, butter, coffee, and oil, 
which were strictly rationed because they were being shipped to 
American troops fighting around the world...

In the 1940s, President Franklin Roosevelt ordered 
"victory gardens" as part of the war effort...
American women answered the patriotic call by growing
more than a million tons of vegetables a year...in backyard plots...

Probably the most convincing argument for 
a personal victory garden is a homegrown tomato...
[if you've ever had a home grown tomato 
verses a store bought one, 
you know there is no comparison.
The flavor is a million times more amazing.] 

It's time to completely rethink growing vegetables. 

The victory garden in the 1990s has gone gourmet, 
and it's an affordable luxury

Food is grown not just for economy but for delight...

You may not have a gourmet vegetable garden this summer. 
Gardens need to be plotted, planned, and planted 
before they yield their harvest. 

But you can sow the seeds of this simple pleasure 
into your imagination for next year. 
End Quote 

I love to garden.

I love growing things. 

I haven't had much success, but I still love it.

Robbie dug out my strawberries once 
because he didn't know that they were perennials.

I haven't been able to grow a full melon. 

But I can grow zucchini like no other mother. 

Here are some pictures of my last garden. 
Sometime next year, I can't wait to grow another one. 
It's one of the best feelings in the world.

I had a white picket fence. It was gorgeous.

I loved this little plant. Something came and ate the two starting leaves, and it still grew.

I made these into french fries. Super yummy.

Also, think about it this way. 
If there were no more grocery stores 
how many of us could feed ourselves? 

Besides bringing joy to our lives,
it's also about self reliance.  

Share a picture of your garden!

Gratitude Journal

1) Costco with my mom and a friend. 

2) My cousin. She is so awesome, and my kids adore her. She came to watch the kids while I went to Costco, and then just stayed the whole day.

3) I'm pretty much exhausted. I'm getting to bed before 11 tonight, I'm so excited.

4) Having another adult to talk to throughout the day. 

5) Dogs. Petting dogs. Spending time with dogs. Doggy kisses...etc etc