June 13th - The Pantry

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Start Quote
Well-stocked pantries have long been a feminine passion...

Victorian women elevated the stocking of a pantry 
to an esoteric art, 

inspired by nineteenth-century literary domestics' 
luminous descriptions of deep drawers, cubbies, 
and bins big enough to hold cornmeal and graham flour; 
of spacious shelves on which to store turkey platters; 
and of row upon row of the prettily packaged 
and deliciously displayed...

Helen Witty believes that 
all "souls should have a pantry, however modest" 
and I heartily agree.
End Quote 

Helen Witty wrote a book called 
This book inspired Sarah.

I LOVE canning. 

I got my love of canning from my family.

From my mom, my grandma.

I love canning tomatoes and strawberry jam with my mom.

And peaches from the trees at my aunt's and uncle's house.

And orange marmalade and orange jam from my friend's tree.

Really, any kind of jam...
spiced plum and spiced peach is pretty amazing. 

Even tried quince jam...
I have a lot of friends with fruit trees. 

Canning your own fruit and vegetables feels so good.
And making them beautiful? 
It's just the cherry on top. 

I can't wait to display them in the pantry...

Gratitude Journal

1) Having a pretty darn good day. Workout, movie, costco, finally finishing a chore, cuddles, playing, and me time finishing that wreathe

2) Having a nice chat with two old ladies at costco. They helped me with the kids, and showed me pictures of their grandkids and great grandkids. It was really awesome to meet good people so ready and willing to help.

3) Cuddles. I can't remember the last time Jacob took a nap, or when he took a nap on me. He fell asleep in his carseat, not in the car ride home, he fell asleep when I was transferring the twins to their beds...so I left him there and listened to a cd that I made for my sister. He woke up, I held him, and he fell back asleep. Best hour of my day.
and then he woke up

4) Doing stuff on the house.

The finished product. It's not perfect, but I made it. 
And even though it's not perfect it makes me really happy.

And every time I make a new wreath covering 
I learn something new and make them a little better...
I think. 

New pictures on the wall. 
Thank you Costco for inexpensive pictures. 

Entry way bench!!! 

Robbie finished this for me. I absolutely love it.

I'm really excited about how it is all coming together.

And last but not least...Again, not perfect. 
Robbie wanted the 11x14 with the mat, 
and I wanted the 16x19 with no mat. 

I think the frames should have been bigger, they're a little small...but these are the frames that I wanted...and I waited till they were on sale. 

Anyways, as you can see, it's never quite perfect. 
But it's us, it's me, and I love it.

I also love that it's always going to be a work in progress.

5) Music. I made a cd for my sister about 7 or 8 years ago, and I put songs on there so she would remember how strong she is. I went through her cd's last time I was in her room, just trying to remember, and I can't believe she kept it. It was scratched. I remember her telling me it was scratched, and I forgot to redo it for her...but she still kept it. I put some toothpaste on it and got it working again...

It hurts, knowing that I did something for her and that it didn't work and that I forgot about it. She never listened to it like I had wanted her to...

But I don't think she was supposed to. 

I think it was meant for me. I know it's probably silly, but it's like she reached out to me today and reminded me of how strong I am.

Here are a few of the songs. 
I'm sure you've heard them all, but just in case you haven't...

Daylight - Matt and Kim
Sweet Child O' Mine -Guns N' Roses
[this song has never had so much meaning]
Unanswered Prayers - Garth Brooks
Hey Jude - The Beatles
Let It Be - The Beatles