June 17th - Affordable Splendor

Saturday, June 17, 2017

"There never has been a house so bad 
that it couldn't be made over 
into something worthwhile."

In the 80's Diana Phipps wrote a book called

Start Quote
Diana Phipps's authentic gift is resourcefulness.

She uses whatever she has, 
from cardboard boxes to horsehair mattresses.

She camouflages just about everything 
and has never seen an old shawl, a frayed carpet, 
or a pair of tattered curtains beyond redemption...

She's never listened to any expert in her life 
but her authentic self, 
and it shows.

She confesses, 
"By nature I am both lazy and untidy.
A professional carpenter, upholsterer or painter could, with reason,
find a great deal to criticize in my work. 

I know neither the orthodox way of doing things 
nor the correct terminology. 

In fact, I don't want to.

I know what the professionals charge, 
the intimidating mystery they exude 
and above all, how long they take."

Instead, she does it all herself 
and the stunning shortcuts she has devised 
are aimed for people "whose purse, like mine, 
falls short of realizing their ideal setting."

This may sound presumptuous,
but I believe we're all just as clever as Diana.

We just haven't accessed our authenticity 
to the extent that she has, 
because she trusts her eye and creative impulses. 

She acts on her instincts. 

We hold back, hesitate, halt 
- and end by snuffing out the spark. 

Today I would love to convince you 
that there is no room in your home 
that cannot be transformed by using 
fabric, paints, a saw, a hammer, nails, needle and thread, 
a sewing machine, glue, the amazing staple gun, 
and your own imagination, time, and energy. 

"The most important thing about decoration," 
Diana Phipps reassures us, 
is "the fun of it. 

The fun of discovering a broken-down nothing 
and turning it into something...

Best is to just charge ahead with confidence, enjoyment 
and a sharp pair of scissors for cutting corners."
End Quote

Today I went junking, and you won't believe what I found.

A mini trampoline for the kids, just needs some easy fixes. 
A guitar for the kids, and some other fun toys.
Also, an awesome lunch box with wheels. 

And pallets. I saw the pallet and I was like, this is happening.

And I found mini pallets....

Robbie today made the snack shack for the Chasing Shelby Foundation. We spent maybe $50 for paint and bolts. Robbie got the wood for free, stuff that was just going to be thrown away, wood that would have cost about $100. 

And it's looking awesome. 

Sarah said that when she found Diana's book, 
she knew they "were kindred spirits." 

I think if you like affordable splendor of any kind, 
then we are also kindred spirits. 

And let me tell you, 
it is fun.

Gratitude Journal

1) Junking, and people who are generous and give away things they don't need. My kids got some pretty awesome toys today, stuff we probably couldn't have afforded, for free.

2) Seeing family. Family gatherings, get togethers, parties, anything, it's pretty awesome.

3) Showers. Showers and shaving. I know that there are those who love the natural beauty look, but I love shaving. 

4) Summer dresses.

5) After three times of taking the kids to play soccer, they are finally kind of sort of excited about it. Today we tried to knock the ball with our knees and head, and Jacob was adamant that we're supposed to kick it with our feet...which is what we tried to get him to do the last couple of times. At least he finally got it.