June 3rd - Ask

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Today Sarah tells us about when she cleaned out her closet,
she literally had only one outfit that was socially acceptable 
to wear out in public.

She had been shopping, trying to find things that were perfect
but was unsuccessful in every store she went to.

One day she saw a friend, whose wardrobe she admired, 
and just asked her where she shopped.

And boy did she get a load of information that she did not know.

It was wonderful.

Start Quote
We want, we need, we desire, we yearn,
but we don't ask...

Longings cross our mind, 
but we don't really commit ourselves.

We don't lay it on the line.

We don't ask 
because we're afraid somebody will say 'no'.

It doesn't matter...

When wishful thinking 
doesn't magically manifest what we want,
we feel we've been denied.

So, in future, we choose not to ask, 
but continue to wish, 
existing in a constant state of deprivation. 

Asking comes with no guarantees...

But...if we don't ask, we haven't got a prayer.

Today, start asking.

You see a woman with a great haricut?
Ask where she got it.
Ask for the name of a great paint color in a home accessory shop, 
a fabulous recipe from a  hostess,
the name of a piece of music you hear playing in the record store.
Ask your husband to take the kids for the afternoon 
to give you some time to yourself.
Ask the kids to pick up their toys so that you don't have to do it.
Ask for a deadline extension.
Ask for the day off.
Ask for a raise.
Ask when the next sale will be.
Ask Spirit for a daily portion of grace.
Ask Divine Wisdom for operating instructions.
Aks your guardian angel to manifest holy assistance.

While you're at it, ask for a miracle.

Ask for what you need and want.
Ask to be taught the right questions. 
Ask to be answered.
Ask for the Divine Plan of your life to unfold through joy.

Ask politely.
Ask with passion.
Ask with a grateful heart and you will be heard.

Just ask.
End Quote

Nice try Karen, I commend you for asking.

"Remember that without faith you can do nothing; 
therefore ask in faith. 
Trifle not with these things; 
do not ask for that which you ought not."

Gratitude Journal

1) I kind of didn't sleep last night. I started reading Killing Floor by Lee Child and I couldn't put it down. I looked at the clock and it was 4:30...kids were up at 6. Then I kind of read all day whenever I could...and done. Ready for sleep now, now that I know the ending.

2) A Saturday. Some errands, and reading a book and playing with the kids...just a Saturday.

3) Tomorrow's Sunday. Last week we had my parents' help, the week before that we didn't have kids at all, and tomorrow we will have them all by ourselves trying to teach them to be reverent. Yay.

4) Fruit snacks. 

5) Food. Food is amazing. And not everyone has it, which really sucks. Fast Sunday tomorrow! Tithing and fast offering, trying to do my part to help.

Can you tell I'm a little out of it? I don't think I'm using complete sentences. Peace out ya'all.