June 24th - Living with Flowers

Saturday, June 24, 2017

"I'd rather have roses on my table, 
than diamonds on my neck."

Start Quote
I...feel like an artist when I arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Now is the season for splendor in the vase. 
Let's make the most of it. 

Living with flowers is an exquisite simple pleasure,
and in the spring, summer, and fall,
it's an affordable luxury...

Like Emma Goldman, 
I'd choose roses on my table over diamonds any day.

This is a real possibility if you grow your own, 
which is why I splurged on rosebushes this spring...

Cutting gardens can take years of nurturing
 before they reward you with bouquets of flowers. 

So I weed and water and wait. 

But while I'm waiting I head to the farmers' market 
on the weekends and stop off at roadside stands 
whenever I spot them to smell the flowers 
and indulge by spending a few dollars...

As I arrange bouquets not only for the living room, 
but also the dining room, kitchen 
(remember feng shui!), bathroom and desk, 

I know I am in good company.
End Quote

"Flowers really do intoxicate me."

If I had to choose, 
I guess I'd choose flowers over diamonds. 

But do I have to choose?

Can't I have both?


One of the very last things I brought my sister was a bouquet of flowers from the farmers market. It was all grown in her yard, and there was overgrown basil that had this beautiful flower and scent to it. 

Of course she couldn't take it with her into the ICU. 
They don't allow flowers in there. 

I had just told Robbie that no matter what 
I was going to bring my sister flowers all the time, 
no matter what it cost. 

That's probably why I think of her every time I see one.

Flowers are pretty amazing.

The feelings they invoke are almost indescribable.

Gratitude Journal

1) Lazy and yet productive Saturdays. Lots of naps, lots of rest, lots of organizing.

2) Robbie. He knew how exhausted I was, and he took the brunt of the work with the kids today so I could get more rest than I would have.

3) My in-laws. I'm so grateful they came over, not to just hang out with the kids, but they brought food too. There was no way I was cooking, pizza was so awesome.

4) Gatorade and water. 

5) The red and pink starbursts, and any other starburst in the red color spectrum.