June 12th - The Linen Closet

Monday, June 12, 2017

Start Quote
The pull of perfection is profound.

"Ordering my linens into ranks would have been 
a form of defense in a world I found disorderly, "
Mary [Cantwell] confides wistfully.

"There was not, is not, a thing to be done about 
pestilence, death and the bad dreams that sneak up on us 
when we're not sleeping.

But I would have had that cupboard, 
that proof positive that I could make tidy 
my minuscule corner of the universe."...

But where there is life, there is hope.
And while there is hope, there is life...
End Quote

My linen closet at our house on Delbert 
was no linen closet. 

I had everything from the ordinary sheets and towels, 
to crafts and supplies and whatchamacallits. 

It was a mess.

I love my new linen closet. 

While I'd love to have what Sarah talks about, 
baskets and ribbons and lavender and lemon scents...

and having everything matching...

For now, I'm just glad it can be organized and only with linens,
because everything else that I used to keep in there 
now has a place elsewhere in the house. 

It really does make me happy when it's neat and tidy.

Yes. This one is mine. 
Believe me, it's a whole heck of a lot better than what it was. 

Of course, I've got three kiddos 
who love to get in there and rip it to shreds.
And Robbie and I have different folding styles...

But that's okay.

We can rebuild.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

Gratitude Journal

1) Trying. I tried to have a fun day with the kids. Took them to this library kick off summer thing, and it was so crowded...my kids had fun, but I didn't have quite as much fun as they had. But I'm really glad that they had fun.

2) Teaching the kids. Today I was embarrassed out of my mind. I was the mom with the kids that were behaving like wild animals, who couldn't keep their hands to themselves, and who refused to listen and stay with me and instead went running around...I got scared. I was scared that I would lose sight of them and then they would be gone. I need to teach them to be obedient, I just have no idea what I'm doing. But I'm grateful, that even though I had a super embarrassing and frustrating day, that I know how hard it is to be a good mom and what I need to work on.

3) Going to the thrift store and finding the perfect pair of navy blue shoes. FINALLY. Also finding t-shirts, perfect for Jacob's and Riley's halloween costumes. Avatar Aang, and Katara...here we come. Large t-shirts come in really handy for kid costumes. Lots of fabric for little bodies.

4) Doing projects with Robbie. I'll show you when it's all said and done.

5) The perfect entryway bench came in today, and it looks perfect and feels perfect...My family and my home make me so happy.