June 10th - A Nook

Saturday, June 10, 2017

we give passionate attention 
to our lives,
to our memories, 
to the details around us."

Start Quote
In 1928...Virginia Woolf gave two lectures on 
women and fiction at Cambridge University in England. 

In her talks she publicly voiced for the first time 
what women had quietly shared among themselves for centuries:
in order for women to create, 
they needed privacy, peace, and personal incomes.

The following year these lectures were published as 
which was Woolf's recommendation 
if women were to honor and hone their creativity 
and not become "crazed with the torture" of silence...

Many of us today experience creative silence...
the creative silence brought about by 
circumstances we feel are beyond our control:
lack of time, and or lack of space or a place to create.

Perhaps we also suffer from a lack of clarity, 
a failure to realize how necessary it is 
to nurture our sacred creativity daily.

To begin with, many of us,
unless we live alone,
don't have a room entirely our own.

But that does not mean we cannot 
carve out a small...space
-even a nook-
to call ours alone...

[a] space that offers passionate reminders 
to attend to your private, artistic impulses, 
a place to encourage you to reclaim your creativity.
End Quote 


It doesn't have to be a large space, 
it can even be a place in your head,
or a place that can be a multipurpose space 
and one of those is your creative space. 

I love my craft room. 
I love my piano nook.
I love my nightstand where I read every night.
I can't wait to build the reading nook by the window. 

Do you have a nook?

Gratitude Journal

1) Saturdays. Saturdays are awesome.

2) Birthday parties, and parks.

3) Things being on sale, and running errands with the kids and no one freaking out.

4) A girls night out. Sushi and shopping. 

5) Butterflies. One flew right past me today.