June 11th - Papers

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Start Quote
This morning let's mull over how much of our 
precious natural resources 
-our time, creative energy, and emotion-
we squander looking for the orphans of disorder:

the overdue bill, the misplaced party invitation (with directions),
the registration form for the swimming lessons that begin this afternoon.

If you don't have a plan for keeping track of your personal papers, 
take two hours this week to establish one that will...

Once a month...I follow Katherine Mansfield's advice 
and ruthlessly toss and refile. 

When I get in there monthly, it only takes an hour, 
and the feeling of being in control of my personal papers 

Today, start a paper chase around your home, 
searching for every stray piece of paper you can find. 

Gather them all into one large cardboard box. 
Pour yourself a refreshing drink. 
Put on some lively music. 
[I've been enjoying 50's rock 'n' roll]
Go through each paper and separate them into categories. 
If you don't have boxes or baskets handy for stowing them, 
put them in large labeled manilla envelopes until you do.

Think of all the time you waste when you don't know 
where something is when you need it.

Now reflect on all the time that you'll be able to ransom 
simply because you do. 
End Quote 

Robbie and I have ALWAYS been good about paper work.

It's because Robbie is a little ocd, and really organized, 
and I'm a bit of a hoarder. 

We keep every receipt, so we can check it against our budget.
It has come in handy quite a few times, sorting out inconsistencies. 

Receipts go in the inbox, then when they are checked and verified 
they go in a manilla envelope. 

Paperwork goes here. Everything. 
It starts downstairs in the cubby with our phones, 
and makes it's way here.

We file everything that needs to be filed.
We do it about once a week, and it doesn't get too bad. 
Maybe takes 10 minutes.
And Robbie and I do everything together, 
but we can do it separately and still know where everything is.

I absolutely hate missing paperwork, 
and looking for something that I need
and I CAN'T FIND IT...

Absolutely hate it.

So I try to stay organized and stick to the system.

What about you?
Do you use pretty boxes?
Wire baskets?

How do you keep the papers organized?

Gratitude Journal

1) Sleep. On Sundays Robbie and I take turns taking napping and watching the kids.

2) Sundays and church. We were a little late, but not late enough to miss the sacrament. And the kids went to their classes without crying. Oh. My. Goodness. What a relief. 

3) Jacob is learning. In primary he knew the answer to a question. 
And how he sings so well. He's not as in tune as he used to be, but he gets quite a few words. It's really cool. And how he can carry on a full conversation.

4) Mosquito bites on my legs...sure, it hurts and it's itchy, but that means I didn't have to shave my legs and just wore a maxi dress. Ta da.

5) Cool spring weather.