June 15th - Secret Anniversaries

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Start Quote
It's the "feel" of the year that can trigger 
a secret anniversary of the heart... 

[for example]
all the sudden joys of childhood 
captured forever in the feel of June. 

"I am," 
"a part of all that I have touched 
and that has touched me."

We all are.

It took a secret anniversary of the heart to remind me 
that there is always time enough to remember

But there is never time enough to commemorate what we cherish,
unless we pause to observe, when they occur, 
the holiest of all holidays.
End Quote 

I know that they're supposed to be secret, 
but here are a few of mine.

Holding a baby 
brings me right back to holding my own. 

Braiding and brushing someone's hair 
brings me right back to when I would braid and brush Shelby's hair.

Being at Grandma's house 
brings me right back to being a kid. 

What's one of yours?

Gratitude Journal

1) Blood. Blood is a fantastic thing. I had to clean up quite a bit of it yesterday and today. There were several bloody lips, and several bloody noses, and scraped knees...and black eyes and fat lips.....Blood is pretty awesome. 

2) Family histories. I got to meet my grandma's mother's brother's daughter. They called themselves kissing cousins. 

3) Naps and restful days at Nana's house. 

4) Things that get my ocd fix on. Like scraping 10 years of calcium build up off of the tile on the pool. So satisfying. Of course it took an hour to do one tile...but you know.

5) Finally being home and kissing my husband hello.