June 27th - Herbs

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Balm brings you sympathy and Marjoram joy
Sage is long life...Sweet Woodruff augurs well for health-
A blessing richer far than wealth.
While Lavender means deep devotion,
Herb of sweet omen, Rosemary conveys
Affection and remembrance all your days.

May Heaven and Earth and Man combine
To keep these blessings ever thine."
-Rachel Page Elliott

Start Quote
Each herb has its own history, significance
and use for either cooking or remedies...

Herbs were considered essential for a 
long, happy, and healthy life.

Herbs are another avenue of creative expression 
for the apartment dweller, because a marvelous 
windowsill garden of herbs can be grown year-round...

Herbs adapt beautifully to container gardens because 
they don't need much space and are very gardener-friendly. 

A delightful kitchen herb garden of 




 sweet marjoram,


and rosemary 

can be cultivated in a large terra-cotta bowl or cation, 
a staple in Italian kitchens. 

The fragrance will perk you up 
every time you walk into the room,
 and fresh herbs will encourage you 
to be more adventurous in your cooking. 
End Quote

Basil is definitely one of my favorites.

The only thing I haven't killed yet is my green onions. 

Did you know that after you use them from the store, 
you can put them in the ground and keep growing them?

Every basil plant I've ever had dies. 

Maybe one of these days I'll have more of a green thumb. 

I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

I'd love to have a bush, so I could also have basil flowers. 
You want something that smells good, 
this is what you want to grow.

I learned about these when I bought 
the last bouquet of flowers for my sister. 
They were gorgeous, and made the bouquet smell heavenly.

Gratitude Journal

1) Bad days come to an end. 

2) Good friends that help you through them.

3) Benadryl. I have like 10 bug bites on each leg. My toe is so swollen that I can't bend it. 

4) Working out. The body is an amazing thing.

5) Sleep.