June 7th - The Living Room

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"Some of the living-rooms we see 
have really no right to the name; 
they are so unattractive they ought, instead, 
to be called existing rooms.

I like to think of the word "living-rooms" 
being short for the joy-of-living rooms. 
That is what they ought to be 
- full of life and happiness and beauty."

Today Sarah shares how her friend transformed her living room 
for under $50. She hadn't redecorated, she had "pulled [it] together" 
and the room looked and felt "fabulous" and full of "pizzazz" 
because she "added [some] decorative details...
moved some paintings around, chang[ed] the mantel, 
and dress[ed] up her couches with striking new tapestry pillows 
that highlighted the subtle colors of her upholstery." 

And the pillows were on sale. 

"The room was cozy without being cluttered; 
it was visually charming and comfortable.
It was so inviting I didn't want to leave.

Every corner beckoned my attention:
her cherished family photos,
her stack of well-loved books,
her simply stunning arrangement of white hydrangeas 
picked that morning from her garden..."

Another secret, was that the room was lived in. 

Start Quote
Her creative energy was palpable, 
her authentic flair was visible,
and her new enthusiasms...were evident. 

Her living room perfectly expressed her joy of living.

For a lot of us the thought of decorating, 
like almost everything else in our lives, 
seems overwhelming.

In our minds we don't just tackle 
one corner of a room until it pleases us, 
but try to revamp an entire house in a day.

The prospect is so exhausting we don't even start.

Instead of thinking of decorating 
as one more burden to deal with, 
we need to lighten up - 
to view it as a continuing source of 
personal expression and contentment...

When searching for ways to make your living room come alive,
 first consider its many functions in your family's daily round. 

Now, if your home is large enough for a family space 
that's separate from your living room, 
I think at this moment you should stop and give thanks. 

Many women would call you blessed. 

The biggest stumbling block for me 
when I began to bring more order into the daily fabric of our lives 
- and I began in the living room - 
was acceptance, even though I knew this was the crucial first step. 

I'm embarrassed to admit how much time, energy, and emotion 
(precarious natural resources) 
I squandered hating the fact 
that our house wasn't more spacious.

But hating my house only bound me psychologically 
and blinded me creatively to its many positive qualities. 

And ancient metaphysical law says that 
we can never leave any situation that causes us discomfort 
until we learn to love it or at least to see love at work in it. 

I had many lessons to learn about order. 

Now I know in my heart 
that my small house is the perfect teacher. 

What good would a larger house do me 
if I couldn't keep a small one tidy?...

Today...make [your living room] 
as cozy, charming, and comfortable as you can 
with the resources you now have, 
and it will become a joy to live in.
End Quote

It's so true. 

The one thing I loved about our old house, 
and love about our new house,
is the open floor plan.

Our old living room was tiny...
and like Sarah I'm ashamed to say how much time I spent wishing it was bigger. 

I love what I've done with my living room so far, 
and I'm excited for all that's to come. 

And you're never too old! 
My Nana is doing some awesome things with hers. 
A new couch, new curtains, and a ceiling fan, and bam! 

Gratitude Journal

1) Today is over. It was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. The kids literally cried all day...

2) I went visiting teaching. It felt good to do some service...even though Chase was freaking out and no one was listening to me...

3) Supernatural. "I ain't talking to you. I don't like you". 

4) Robbie. He's pretty awesome.

5) Tomorrow is Thursday. One step closer to Friday.