June 28th - Repotting

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Start Quote
Did you know that plants need to be repotted 
at least every two years?

This has not been a problem for me in the past, 
since plants rarely made it that long around here. 

But as I become a better caretaker of myself, 
I care better for everything.

However, even if the roots don't need more room to grow,
the old oil should be replaced because 
all the nutrients have been consumed...

[Gunilla Norris said] 
"I don't know when I myself am too pot-bound, 
lacking courage to be replanted, 
to take the shock of the new soil, 
to feel into the unknown and take root in it." 

We, too, need to consider repotting for growth. 

But when?

When we wilt even before the day begins...

But repotting doesn't mean we have to 
leave the marriage or quit the job.
[please don't just up and do that]

It just means we need something new. 

Why is it too late to go back to college 
if you do it one course at a time?

Maybe this is the summer to learn to speak French 
or start your own gift basket business?

Perhaps you can get the sewing machine fixed, 
try making blackberry cordial, or take up fencing. 

What's stopping you[?]...

As I work with my plants, I see that the roots are just stunted. 

Gently, with my fingers, I untangle them.

Leaf. Stem. Root.
Mind. Body. Soul...

I set the plant into a slightly larger pot. 
Not too large; we must not overwhelm but encourage.
So too, I must not take on the world 
but simply each task before me. 
End Quote

Of course, the last time I repotted, I killed the plant. 

Do your research first. 

Maybe it just needs some more light, more water, 
some plant food.

Gratitude Journal

1) The mountains. It's hard to sometimes to be patient with toddlers, and when you have three of them...So today we went up the hill. Something about the drive just calms me down. And the fresh air, the sounds, the pool, the lake, the frogs, the carefree playing, Nana and Grandma's house, my friend saying "wow" when we drove up to Grandma's house...my thoughts exactly. 

2) Good company. My friends, my kids friends, and spending the day with us. Not many people you can do that with.

3) Meal planning. I know I'm getting a BLT tomorrow, with tomatoes from my friend's garden. Yum.

4) Robbie. I can't be grateful for that man enough. 

5) Apricots. There is nothing better than picking fruit off of a tree and eating it. It is the most delicious thing ever.