April 2nd - Verve

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Here is this years video about Easter that the church put out that I wanted to share yesterday when talking about April and resurrection. 

Today Sarah talks about verve.

Verve is vigor and spirit, 

"French women are famous for their verve.
[The only french woman I could think of was Juliette Binoche, and I've only seen her in Chocolat, but if I had to think of a French woman with vigor and spirit, she's it...and so was her character in that movie. But then again, I'm no expert.]

But Princess Diana, who has a penchant for selecting colorful suits and stunning hats, certainly possesses verve.
[Dates this book a little bit, doesn't it]

So does Diane Keaton, who introduced women to the marvels of menswear in 1977 with her signature 'Annie Hall' look. 

A century before, Emily Dickinson showed verve by preferring to dress entirely in white, year-round, at a time when most Victorian women dressed in dark, somber colors. 

[Here is the last article of clothing surviving, it is in her museum]

Perhaps Miss Dickinson knew that expressing verve through her clothing could jump-start the ecstatic experience she so fervently sought and encouraged others to seek as well. 

Verve is the special ability or talent to pull something off with panache...

Verve comes into our lives when we finally trust our instincts. 

When we take risks and they pay off.

Verve is passion.

It's also the secret of personal style.

Verve is focused creative energy, a sense of vitality or zest.

And how do we learn to develop a finely honed sense of verve?

By paying attention to the details."

Gratitude Journal

1) Brilliant sunlight. And when your mom has nail polish that matches your new skirt. And you get to watch your kids explore and play while you get to read your book...it doesn't get much better.

2) Wildflowers and exploring.
 Wild hyacinth and miner's lettuce, which is edible...

 it's not often you get all three in the shot, and the dog in midair

3) My dad picked a bouquet of wildflowers for my mom.

4) Conference. I learned so much. 

5) Playing dress up. We painted Riley's nails, and that was all the dressing up she wanted to do. The new things I tried were trying to add a soft curl to my hair, this is my third attempt and I am still unsuccessful. Lip stain and gel nail polish. And a fun new skirt. I can't wait to try new combinations this next week!