April 15th - Momentum

Saturday, April 15, 2017

"The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and in time, trusted."

Start Quote
The world as I know it is divided into two types of women-
those who exercise
and those don't.

Those who do exercise seem to have 
more energy, 
less stress,
fewer weight problems,
and generally a more positive and optimistic outlook on life.

Women who are fit will tell you that regular exercise is the single most important thing they have ever done to improve their life. 

Women who do not exercise
don't believe them
and have every excuse in the world for why they can't 
or won't 
find out for themselves:

they don't have the time, 
they're too out of shape,
they're coming down with the flu,
it's too cold or too hot,
they're too tired, 
they're too depressed,
maybe next week. 

I know all about the women who don't exercise regularly 
because until recently I've been one of them, 
even after being scolded by my doctor and shamed by my family...
[well no duh, when has shaming and scolding ever worked]

[Not exercising] is not good.
This is not self-nurturing. 
This is not healthy. 
We KNOW this intellectually.
[I went to school for four years to study the body and exercise, 
and science has absolutely proven that exercise is good for you, 
and not exercising is not good for you.]

Since we are all brilliant women, 
there MUST be a way in which we can slowly convince our brains 
to take better care of our bodies. 

But this won't happen
by imposing a strict new regime on the 
stubborn, conscious mind 
that always manages to outsmart us.
[even when you are one of those women who exercise, 
it is still hard to win the argument against the part of you 
who would rather not exert such an effort.]

It hasn't worked in the past, 
so why should it now?

We will change by seduction

Don't refer to activity as exercise or fitness any longer.

If you must call it something, call it creative movement...

Think of creative movement as a 
life-enhancing, enjoyable pastime,
because it is.

Just pause for a moment and imagine all the ways 
that you could move creatively that might bring you pleasure...

Now think about taking a walk in the beautiful sunlight today.

Walking is the best form of creative movement there is,
and it doesn't cost a cent. 

Walking clears you head, fills your lungs with fresh air, lets off steam, builds up strength and centers your spirit. 

Start moving, a step at a time, step after step.

The positive momentum will take it from there. 

Trust me, seduction works.
End Quote

For those of you (like me) 
who don't remember exactly what momentum is, 
it's the strength or force gained by motion or a series of events. 

I always loved Newton's Laws of Motion
an object at rest stays at rest, 
and an object in motion stays in motion.

So lets get to seducing ourselves,
to move. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Eater celebrations...I didn't get pictures from our first Easter, they were too fast! This is our second Easter...

They are my cousins, but we call them our cousins. 
It's just easier, and family is family. We love our family.
Isn't she one of the most gorgeous women you've ever seen? 
And her granddaughter who idolizes her. 
Uncle Kyle and quad rides, does it get any better?
Although neither of us got the memo, 
we both wore pink pants and blue tops... great minds think alike

2) Cake. It is so pretty when you mix eggs and sugar together, and then flour and butter and a few other things...and then you bake it and bam! Delicious, amazing cake. 

3) Flowers

And these are only SOME of the flowers...

4) Family

5) Seeing my kids so happy