100 Day Celebration - Thrift Shop Adventure

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I haven't gone thrifting in awhile, 
because when I go I usually find something...
or many things. 

Sure everything is super cheap, but it adds up.

So here we go, 
here are some of my favorite stores 
and some thrifting techniques and advice.

You must always look, feel, and smell fabulous.

You have to look fabulous because it helps you feel fabulous.
Any good shopper will tell you that if you don't feel beautiful or pretty that day, do not go shopping because nothing is going to make it better. 
Take a shower, put on some makeup, put on a comfy yet stylish outfit, and the fabulous outside will help remind you that you are indeed fabulous.

The outfit: 
everything should be able to be slipped off easy peasy, 
including your shoes.
 If you're struggling to get out of your clothes in the dressing room, it's going to make you frustrated and you're not going to want 
to try anything on because it's a hassle. 

If you don't know, thrift store clothes have a funny smell. 
And if you're trying on a whole bunch of clothes or are going to a couple stores, 
you usually end up smelling like a thrift store. 
So it's good to go into it smelling good, it balances everything out.

Pack a snack.
And cash.
If you know you're going to be out for awhile, 
you either need to pack a snack, or a meal, 
or be willing to stop and get something.

Being hungry does not a happy thrifter make.

And while most stores accept credit cards, some don't accept them if you don't spend over a certain amount. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

Know your route.
What stores are you going to?

Here are some of my favorites, and they're super close together.


239 W Shaw Ave
Clovis, CA 93612

Salvation Army

121 W Shaw Ave
Clovis, CA 93612

Hinds Hospice Thrift Store

115 Shaw Ave
Clovis, CA 93612 

Be ready to spend at least an hour in each store. 

You don't have to look at everything, you'll be overwhelmed, especially if you're going to more than one store...
just glance and graze. 

Look for some of the specific things you need, 
but be open to things you didn't think of. 

If you are looking for a specific shirt, 
you should go through all the shirts...

Here are all my treasures that I found on the three on Shaw.

Since I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a lot, 
and I mean A LOT of clothes, 
I treated myself to a few new shirts that are very flattering for my new body after babies.

I also have been looking for a floor length nightgown, and I found a gorgeous vintage pink soft one. I'm so excited that I get to walk around the house on pajama day when it's super hot and not be wearing pants, and still be dressed with everything covered.

And a fur wrap! 
I think it's fake, but I felt like I walked right out of an old movie wearing it. 

And a Where's Waldo shirt that is surprisingly cute.

And along with my body after babies, came a new foot size. 

Now clothing you can usually find in abundance, but shoes not so much. But on this trip the thrifting God's were looking out for me.

Not only did I get the essentials, white and black high heels (peep toe!) I got some fun ones too, red and a gorgeous pair of vintage pink high heels!

I'm so excited. 
I love high heels and haven't been able to wear them  for years...but now .....

You won't believe the gorgeous vintage things that I found. 
This reminded me of Emily Dickinson's white dress. I wanted to try it on but this was my last store and my last find and I was tired and ready for lunch. It was only $20, and in great shape. Just needed a little oxiclean. 

And of course THIS ONE! 
80's....so good.
The fabric was awful. 
If it was my size I would have bought it, but it wouldn't zip up in the back.

And a few fun toys. The kids love to work out with me, and now they have their own two pound weight. And shin guards for soccer.

And some of my toys. 
Vintage tins, a milk white soap hand container, and tinsel wind socks. 

Total: $50

Here is another group of thrift stores that are also amazing, 
but also downtown. If you're feeling adventurous, I suggest taking a friend.

The Salvation Army

710 S Parallel Ave
Fresno, CA 93721

DAV Thrift Store

701 Van Ness Ave
Fresno, CA 93721 

There are a few more thrift stores right down Van Ness
And while you're down on Van Ness after these ones, you should go to Repeat Performance too on your way home.

And since parking is always precarious downtown, I would suggest Garage 7, it is easy walking distance from the thrift stores.  Repeat performance has a small parking lot.

Here are some of the treasures I found at The Salvation Army on Parallel. 

A swimsuit for Riley, another gorgeous pair of shoes, a very comfy slip, a cute little vintage milk white glass pitcher (I was thinking wildflowers), some puzzles for the kids (not pictured), and some blank cards. 

Total: under $15 

I love thrifting.

I hope you give it a try at least.

And share your thrifting finds with me! 
I love seeing all the treasures people find.