April 14th - Hunger and Thirst

Friday, April 14, 2017

Start Quote
Many women, including myself, 
swallow life in an attempt to keep it manageable.

I mean this literally and figuratively.

Whenever we're anxious, worried, nervous, or depressed, 
without thinking,
we instinctively swallow food and drink in order to push away the uncomfortable negative experience we're feeling in our guts.

We hunger and thirst, 
but it's not for a bowl of ice cream or a glass of wine.

It's for inner peace and deeper connection...

We have a passionate appetite for life,
we just don't know what we truly need to satisfy our insatiable cravings for Wholeness. 

When I first became aware that when I 'swallowed' life 
I was really hungry and thirsty for joy and serenity,
it was a turning point for me in learning self-nurturance

I understood that I wasn't underfed 
but spiritually undernourished. 

I realized I could go within and ask my soul
-my authentic self-
what I needed.

I learned to stop and ask myself the questions
'How can I care for you at this moment?'
'How can I love you?'
'What is it you truly need?'

The next time you reach to put something in your mouth, 
take one minute
to focus your awareness on what you're doing before you do it.

Are you eating because you are physically hungry,
or anxious?

If you're anxious, 
a walk around the block instead of into the kitchen 
would be better for you and more loving...

Learn to create ceremonies of personal pleasure 
that can nourish your deeper longings. 

As you nurture your spirit with kindness, 
your physical cravings will loosen their grip.

Realize today that you hunger and thirst for a reason.

Ask your authentic self to reveal your deeper needs, 
so that Spirit can quench and satisfy 
your parched and ravenous soul.
End Quote

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled."

Gratitude Journal

1) My day outing. Robbie had half the day off for Good Friday and I went thrift store shopping to celebrate hitting 100 days! And so I could show you how awesome it is to thrift, please see the follow post.

2) A three day weekend.

3) Good TV. Redemption was awesome! I did not see that coming!

4) Good movies. BFG was super cute. Now my kids are talking about giants. "That's not a nice giant."

5) My funny kids. Jacob was trying to take his shirt off, and he started spinning and spinning and spinning, until he fell over because he was so dizzy. What a goof.