April 26th - Hearing

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I have never lost my hearing, but Sarah did for awhile.

A large ceiling panel at a fast food restaurant fell on her head. 

Can you believe that? 

She was partially disabled for almost two years. 
All of her senses were skewed, 

Start Quote
but the most disorienting disability was that 
my sense of hearing was affected.

I could not listen to music because it made me dizzy.

I couldn't even carry on a telephone conversation because, without visual clues such as reading lips, I could not process the sounds coming through my ears and rearrange them into meaningful patterns in my brain...

I share this story with you because I want you to consider 
how much we take for granted until we lose it, 
either temporarily or permanently. 

It deeply saddens me that many of us need to have pain as a wake-up call. 

Now I try my best not to stand on the sidelines of life with 
deadened, dulled, disinterested senses 
until another shock makes me suddenly aware of the 
magic, marvel, and the mystery of it all. 

And so should you...

Among my favorites:
The reassuring rhythm of my husband's breathing 
in the middle of the night when I can't sleep;

hearing 'I love you' and 'We're home,'
along with footsteps on the stairs;

the voice of a good friend on the telephone;

raindrops on the roof; 

cats purring;

dogs thumping their tails;

teakettles whistling;

the melody of words strung together to form a sentence 
that stirs the imagination and illuminates the soul;

the exquisite sounds of silence cascading over me when I momentarily let go and allow the Universe to proceed without my assistance or supervision;

and music - music to soothe, inspire, and move me in unexpected waves of sublime pleasure.

The concerto of Real Life is playing:
delight with thanksgiving in the major and minor chords 
of its beautiful refrain.
End Quote

I love everything she said. 

My favorite sounds are people's voices. 
Robbie saying "Hi beautiful", "I love you" and "Yobo".
My mom and dad when I call and they say "Hey Courtney".
My kids saying "I love you" and "Thank you", and "Mom". 

The sound of my own breathing and heart beating. 

Newborn babies.

The ocean. 

Cans sealing after a long canning day.

What are your favorite sounds?

Gratitude Journal

1) A less busy day than the previous days. Even though we still did stuff, like taught my visiting teachee how to crochet, a quick trip to the grocery store, two piano lessons and swim lessons and baths...it was less busy than that last couple of days.

2) Day three of swim lessons, and they're swimming. Chase was the only one crying, and that was not the entire time.

3) Robbie almost finished the wall. The orange peel stinks so bad, I'm grateful for the cool night air that is taking the awful smell out and the good air in.  

4) The Sister Missionaries. They were really sweet, just dropping by, they taught us about faith and love. 

5) The wind chimes.