April 21st - Aromatherapy

Friday, April 21, 2017

Sarah became a "convert 
to the simple pleasure and power of scent 
to heal [her] body, mind, and spirit 
to enhance [her] moods and relieve stress...

Aromatherapy- the ancient therapeutic art
of blending essential oils or extracts distilled from aromatic 
flowers, plants, herbs, and fruit for medicinal purposes..."

Some of her favorites, and mine, are

lavender - relaxing
basil - stimulating
rosemary - memory
peppermint - clarity and sharpness
sage - tonic for stress

Scents are "pleasing and inspiriting"

How does it work?

"Our sense of smell is our primordial link to our brains. 
When we inhale a scent, neurotransmitters in our brains 
trigger the production of biochemical secretions 
that affect our moods, feelings, and emotions.

When an aromatic essential oil permeates our skin 
through the bath or a massage, the oil penetrates the epidermis, stimulates our sophisticated lymph duct system, 
and enters the bloodstream, 
eventually delivering well-being to our frazzled minds."

I've been loving DoTERRA, and some of my favorites are 

I also love Scentsy.
My favorite scents are 

A Wink & A Smile
Bonfire Beach
Honeymoon Hideaway
Sedona Sunset

These sometimes give me a headache...but DoTerra never does.

However you get the scents in the air, I hope you give it a try.

What are your favorite scents?

Gratitude Journal

1) Having nothing to do today, so just doing what I wanted. I finished that baby blanket finally, and the kids and I watched a lot of animal stuff.

2) Good family. My cousin just came over because she wanted to talk. And then that turned into girls night and getting ready for a prom. 
Aren't they so gorgeous!

Looking closely at the hair I did I could have done a better job, 
but it was really pretty and so much fun to do.

3) Family time.

Chase had a bucket on his head, and then decided to rush me.

4) Sitting out in the sun

5) Your show coming back on, and pizza