April 18th - Makeup

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion.
But cosmetics are easier to buy."

I've learned a lot about makeup over the last 7 years since my wedding, makeup that I did myself that I'm very proud of.

Start Quote
One of the ways that we can begin to love our faces 
is to enhance them with makeup.

I have gone through many stages with makeup.

There was a time during my twenties...when I wouldn't have dreamed of walking out the door without my war paint on.

For me, makeup was a sophisticated mask 
that endowed me with self-confidence.

Then in my thirties...I stopped wearing makeup 
except when I went out with my husband in the evening.

It was a relief to stop wearing cosmetics because doing so gave me 
an opportunity to learn to feel comfortable with my features. 

The world I had come from had been so 
self-absorbed and obsessed by appearances. 

Now I was getting in touch with the inner woman 
and not concentrating on her outer packaging. 

But gradually, I noticed a difference in the way 
I felt about myself without makeup.

When I put it on, I liked the reflection in the mirror. 
When I didn't, I rarely looked.

I began to become aware of the fact that 
looking your best,
working with what you have, 
and bringing out your natural beauty with makeup
was not as superficial a goal as I had originally thought.

Makeup was simply a tool to help me look my best.

When I looked my best, I felt better.

When I felt better, I had more energy 
and accomplished more and was more outgoing.

When I accomplished more and reached out more to others, 
they responded positively and my self-esteem grew.

Making up my face again 
began a self-affirming cycle of acceptance.

But more important, it began a ceremony of self-nurturing.

I began to see that the ten minutes I took in the morning to put my best face forward for myself and not the world was a small but important way of nurturing my authenticity.
End Quote


I went through some phases of my own.

I went through a phase in high school where I tried to cover everything up. 
Lots and lots of eye liner.

Then I tried no makeup for a long time, 
thinking that it was superficial.

Then I started to notice just like Sarah did, that when I put on my best face, enhanced my natural features, I did feel better. 

I really enjoy makeup now. It's fun. 
I've been favoring the gold glitter eyes. 

How about you?

Gratitude Journal

1) Rainy days, and not having to stay inside.

2) Robbie brought dinner home.

3) It's bed time.

4) I read my scriptures today. 

5) I drove safe in the rain. And even though my check engine light came on, we got home safe.