April 1st - Playing Dress-Up

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sarah always has an introduction to each month.
Every month so far I haven't felt the need to share,
until now.
Probably because Spring is my favorite season,
and Sarah writes about it beautifully.
"Perhaps it's because April is so full of dazzling sunlight.
Perhaps it's because the earth seems greener.
Perhaps it's because resurrection is this month's signature.
Is this why our spirits start to soar?
Now the season of darkness diminishes
as the season of Light increases in strength.
In the garden, primroses, pansies, violets, tulips,
and lilacs burst with color.
Each flower, plant, and bough bears profound witness to the
power of authenticity.
This month, on the Simple Abundance path,
we continue to grow gracefully, creatively, and joyously
into our authentic selves,
awakening to our own beauty."
April 1st
April fools day "is a day that for centuries has been associated with high spirits and merriment.
It's a perfect day for us to remember the importance of lightening up.
A lighthearted sense of spontaneity is closely aligned with Spirit...
Lighthearted people possess the special gift...of being able to open up their hearts to life and turn on their creativity.
Perhaps it is because these special people still honor the child within.
Children love to play dress-up...
Today we're going to play dress-up too...
It's fun to play dress-up by yourself or in the company of an accomplice, such as your daughter or a close friend...
Look at your pared-down wardrobe with fresh eyes.
Small changes can have a big impact on your look.
Try jackets on with different skirts and pants and see if you can't put together new outfits..."
Sarah continues on with all sorts of suggestions.
Basically, try new things.
"Have fun with this exercise...
Think 'what the heck!'"
I really hate April Fools day and some of the pranks people pull.
But I do love the idea of being lighthearted and happy.
And playing dress up.
Which we will be doing tomorrow.
Have fun :)
Gratitude Journal
1) Conference. Did you guys see that?! And I actually woke up and got dressed for the first time in over 3 years. And I only slept a little bit ;)
2) Exploring the outside, with little kids and how excited they are.
3) Sitting out in the sun with my family. Bees in the air, the smell of the lavender bushes.
4) Date night.
5) Mexican food, leftovers, chocolate, and an open mic night.