March 31st - Never Fall for Fashion

Friday, March 31, 2017

"Fashion fades.
Only style remains."

I love everything Sarah says today.

Here it is in full.

Start Quote
Women frequently want to have a
mad passionate fling with fashion,
but given a choice,
most of us would marry style.
That's because style, like a good man, doesn't let you down.
When fashion seduces you,
the affair usually burns itself out before the next season.
Fashion is a show-off, concerned with the cutting edge.
Style has seen it all before and knows that the classic tenets of
simplicity, beauty, and elegance have staying power.
Fashion is a cult;
Style is a philosophy.
Fashion mocks individuality;
Style celebrates it.
Never forget that fashion, while frequently a charmer,
is also a self-centered, frivolous bore.
Style is high-spirited and generous,
given to touting your best features for all the world to see.
Fashion is a provocateur;
Style prefers to sooth.
Fashion is self-congratulatory;
style waits for the inevitable compliments.
'Fashion can be bought,'
Edna Woolman Chase observe in 1954.
'Style must be possessed.'
Fashion guesses, so it can only bluff.
Style knows.
Fashion is impatient and eventually passes away.
Style is steadfast and waits for every woman's awakening,
because authentic style is born of Spirit.
End Quote
I love this.
Let's all try to never fall for fashion,
and always be in style.
Gratitude Journal
1) My Nana. She came over this morning to go shopping with me, and it was so much fun.
2) My new skirt! I'll wear it this weekend and show you guys.
3) It's conference weekend. Are you excited?! I'm excited.
4) The kids got all excited about going to Nana's.
5) The games we play. I was vacuuming, and then the vacuum became a monster and the kids would run up to it, I would go rawr and push it towards them and try and get their feet and they would run away. Then they tried to kill the monster with pillows. And then we started a pillow fight. They would throw the pillows at me, then I would throw it back at them, and as the pillow hit them they would fall back on the bed laughing and laughing. Who said chores can't be fun?