March 9th - Radiant

Thursday, March 9, 2017

"So many women just don't know how great they really are. 
They come to us all vogue outside and vague on the inside."

"Many of us would like to trade ourselves in for a sleeker version. 

Some of us have been wearing our hair the same way for the last decade 
- not because it's so flattering but because it feels safe. 

Still others of us haven't changed our makeup since our twenties even though the face in the mirror does not wear the color fuchsia as well as she once did."

This was me! I totally hated the way I looked and never changed my hair or my makeup. But then I started making choices for myself, and realizing what I liked and didn't like, what looked good and what didn't. 

I started to love myself, and with that came loving my body and how I looked. Making good choices and enhancing my natural beauty instead of undermining it helped too. 

Our authentic self is "waiting to help us evolve into the women we were meant to be...[help us] awaken to our own radiance." 

Of course, as always, don't go and throw out everything you own or all your makeup etc etc, Sarah suggests starting with your discovery journal.  

Get some magazines (or go to pintrest) and "cut out the pictures of the women you think are attractive and the clothing you'd love to wear. 

Don't even consider whether you can afford anything you select or whether you can fit into it...

this is a creative brainstorming session. 

Always remember that dreams 
- your creative visualizations -
must come before their physical manifestations.

Have fun with this. Pretend you're ten years old and playing with paper dolls...

Now make yourself a promise. 
Since you have embarked on this adventure to awaken your authenticity and discover your own sense of style, 

be willing not to buy another item of clothing unless you 
absolutely cannot live without it. 

for something that's not you or that's second-rate. 

You're going to discover the joy of surrounding yourself only with things you love, and the pleasure of wearing only clothes that make you look and feel fabulous and project your authentic sense of style. 

Let the potent power of simplicity begin to work in your life. 

If it's not authentically you, live without it."

I have seriously tried to take this to heart. Sure, this means that my closet seems to have less clothes in it, but honestly it's a relief that way. It also saves you money.

Here are a couple examples. I looked forever for the perfect floral shirt and never could find it. Shelby found it, and it was gorgeous on her. When she passed I inherited it. I love wearing it, and love it even more because it was my sister's. 

When I cut my hair off. Remember that? One of the reasons was because I had never had a pixie, so I just went for it. 

And I learned that I look a little bit like a boy with it that short, it was much better grown out a bit on top, like my mom's.

 Isn't she gorgeous? Isn't she radiant? I'm lucky I have her genes and her hairstyle.

Trust your instincts. 
Try something new.

You'll be surprised at how oddly happy you'll be.

Gratitude Journal

1) Feeling better! I wasn't feeling so hot in the morning, but I was able to be a good mom and played with the kids and was productive and taught a piano lesson and went to costco in the afternoon/evening. Bam. Feeling better feels so good.

2) Costco. Costco is amazing. I love that one polish dog (right now anyways) feed my 3 kids. And then a little sprite (caffeine free) as a treat for being good in the store (even though the weren't that great, good, but not great). And long aisles that they can run down while we wait in line. Costco is pretty awesome.

3) The lady that forced her help on me. I had already turned down two offers to help me to the car, and this hispanic lady, probably 60s, tells me she's going to help me, takes the cart from me and asks me where my car is. She was super sweet, and super helpful. Just picture it, two carts full to the brim, with three children hanging off of one of them. One I'm pushing in front of me, and one I'm pulling behind me. Two boxes of diapers, a box of wipes, 45lb bag of dog food, four gallons of milk, a case of diet coke, and a whole bunch of other food...did I mention three babies that I'm trying not to run over?

4) Riley's toe isn't broken. I told her to keep her feet on the cart, and she didn't listen, and all of a sudden thump. The wheel went over her little foot. Poor thing cried and cried. And then she cried because she had to poop but we were in the car. And then Chase cried because he had to poop. And then Jacob cried because Chase wouldn't stop scratching and hitting him. And then Chase cried when I smacked his hand and firmly told him to knock it off. Good news: Riley's toe isn't broken and my kids are still alive because no one died from crying.

5) Random date nights. We just watched a movie tonight together. Sure we're going to bed a little later, but I wouldn't have missed quoting the entire movie Hitch with him. Hilarious.