March 21st - Self-Confidence

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Self-confidence was a powerful beauty-potion; 
I looked better because I felt better."
-Nancy Collins 

"Many women confuse self-esteem with self-confidence..."

Looking at the definitions, I couldn't really find a difference.

But it turns out they are different. 

"Self-esteem is how we really feel about ourselves...
Do we love, accept, and approve of ourselves unconditionally?
Do we believe that we are worthy of 
the love of others and the best that life has to offer?

Self-confidence is a special elixir that Spirit has prepared 
to help each of us 
face and surmount the challenges of life. 

It's an aromatic blending of invigorating essences:

and faith."

Self-confidence is just that, confidence in yourself. 

Sarah talks about how important parents are to our 
self-esteem and self-confidence, 
because they are our first critics and shape our home life. 

Gee, that's not a lot of weight on my shoulders at all. 

But honestly, isn't that how you'd rather have your home? 
Sure, I fail a I yelled at the kids after 10 minutes of trying to reason with them and they just would not stop crying, no matter what I tried...

I snapped...

"If [parents] unconditionally loved, accepted, and approved of us, 
then we probably do, too."

I keep seeing over and over that the way we speak to our children 
is what their inner voice sounds like. 

Now I'm not saying that if you don't like your inner voice you can't change it. 
What I am saying is that as parents we can do our best to give them a good starting inner voice. 

At least, try. 

Sarah then continues with the aroma analogy
 "If we were fortunate enough to grow up in loving, supportive homes 
and our self-esteem is strong, 
we learned our own homeopathic [self-confidence] formula early. 

If we did not, then we need to learn how to mix our own custom blend.

What's important to realize is that self-confidence is available to all of us."

Sure, it matters how we grew up...
but what also matters is the fact that if you do not have 
self-esteem or self-confidence, 
you can change that. 

No one else can change that for you.  

Be confident. 
After all, you're amazing.
Aren't you?

Gratitude Journal
1) Piano lessons. After a year with these students, with only 30 minutes every week or so, I'm finally really getting to know them. I made one student laugh today, and I think that was the first time. I really love this.

2) This book. 

3) Rain, and cool weather.

4) Watering cans.

5) Dancing. There is nothing like watching my kids drop whatever they're doing to dance to a song.