February 13th - Love Yourself

Monday, February 13, 2017

"A sobering thought: 
what if, right at this very moment, 
I am living up to my full potential?"

That is a sobering thought. 
That thought sucks.

The idea that we are as good as we're ever going to be, right now, and never grow into anything more...

Some people actually believe that.

Sarah doesn't, and neither do I. 

"You're still striving, still dreaming, still yearning, 
and now still doing."

Sarah also said that "one of the most important milestones we'll hit along the way is the moment when we finally own our unique point of view and realize how priceless it is."

Speaking of priceless, she suggests treating yourself more generously. 
"Just do something out of the ordinary that you normally wouldn't do 
that will lift your spirits." 

She says to start with $5, and of course, stay within your budget. When you go to the grocery store pick something yummy for breakfast, when you go to Target to pick up shampoo and other necessities pick a different one than the usual, buy a pretty flower for your table. 

Now I'm not saying to go crazy, just treat yourself a little. 
Take a risk.

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

I figure it's like this.
God loves us, and we have lots of proof of that. 
One piece of evidence is that he sent his son.  

If God loves us, that means we are worth something, we are worth loving. 

Then we are commanded to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. 
Well, in order to love our neighbors we then need to love ourselves...There are all sorts of kinds of love, there's good love and there's bad love. 

If we're not loving ourselves with a good love, then we can't love others with a good love. 

So lets love ourselves a little better, because we're worth it. 
Then we can take care of those we love a little better too.

Gratitude Journal

1) Scriptures. There is so much to learn, it is so cool. We were reading in Alma ch 27 and what do you know, there is a nice little section about immigration. It was like, well that answers quite a few questions, thanks.

2) Laundry day. I am officially caught up on the laundry! And then I kept up with it today. I actually got it all washed, and put away, in one day, and did other things. Now, if I can just do the miraculous thing of doing a little every day.........

3) Technology. The last printer we had we inherited from Robbie's brother, and we could never get the wireless connection to work. Well then it died, I think my kids broke it. We didn't have a printer for like 8 months...my dad gave us Shelby's. And now we have a working wireless printer. Thanks Shelby. It was really nice that I was able to just hit print and be ready for my piano lessons tomorrow.

4) Twilight. Kristen Stewart's acting is abhorrent, but it was one of Shelby's favorite movies. And watching it, laughing with Robbie, remembering Shelby, eating chocolate, it's nice.

5) Little babies. Of course my babies aren't little babies anymore, but they are still my babies and they always will be. Those little hands, and those little feet, and don't forget the little fat pads on top that make them especially squishy. The chunky thighs and buddha bellies, the cute little bootie...those soft squishy cheeks that make them look so angelic. The little voices, "please" with a huge cheesy smile and "mom I want to give you a hug"...they are so adorable I could die.