February 24th - Tomorrow

Friday, February 24, 2017

When you hear the word tomorrow, who doesn't start singing at the top of their lungs

It can't just be me.

Sarah starts off today with 
"Now that I've gotten your attention..."

Today is a great day. It really motivated me so I want to share it in its entirety with you.

Start Quote
For nearly two months we have contemplated the journey within to authenticity

Perhaps you've started to let gratitude till the soil of your soul, preparing it for the seeds of Simple Abundance

finding the Sacred in the ordinary
realizing that all you have is all you need

Maybe you've set aside time to begin a daily dialogue in search of your authentic self, indulge in the pleasure of dreaming with the illustrated discovery journalor embarked on the golden mirror meditation to meet the woman within.

Then again, maybe you haven't...

If you wonder why I suspect this, it's because I've been where you are now. 

I know. 

I know how days, weeks, months, even years can escape your grasp. 
I know what it's like to put everyone else's needs before your own so that you can't find a half-hour for yourself. 
I know how easy it is to find heartfelt excuses for why you can't begin something new even if you yearn to, desperately. 
I know how easily the word 'tomorrow' slips out unconsciously. 

Tomorrow you'll begin. 


But what I know most of all is that reading about a journey is not the same thing as taking one. 

Now that I've gotten your attention, let me tell you about the rest of the year. 

Each day from now on we're going to use the daily grist of our real lives as a cause for celebration. 

That's right, celebration. 

I have learned many lessons on the Simple Abundance path. Chief among them is that the details of our days do make a difference in our lives, that no experience is ever just for drill, and that everything can be a springboard for inspiration if we are willing to be open to the goodness of life. 

How many times in the past have we chosen not to change our lives for the better simply by not choosing? 

Today, make a choice

Choose to continue on the Simple Abundance path or close this book now. If you choose to close the book, my blessings accompany you...

If you are still with me, you know what you need to do 
today, not tomorrow. 

Take another look at your life. Give thanks. Accept your circumstances. Give thanks. Count your blessings. Give thanks. Show up for each day's meditation. Be willing to give the basic tools a fair chance. They can help you find your way. 
[Did I mention give thanks?]

Above all, have faith in yourself and Divine Change...

Or stay on the shore.

But choose.
End Quote

I know that life is good, now and forever.

I want to choose to see it, to live it, to find the joy that life is offering freely...

How about you?

If you are interested in the book, it's this one. A little dated, but I still love it. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Good friends. She helped me get out of my funk that has been trailing me all week. She made me go to her house and walk to the park and back and bake cookies while our kids tried to maim each other. Thanks friend.

2) Birthdays. Birthdays come but once a year. I love celebrating mine. And I also love celebrating everyone else's. Celebrating is fun, and having your birthday kind of just last all week is pretty awesome. Is it a coincidence that we are getting into celebrating in the book? I think not.

3) Bodies. Our bodies are amazing things. And to see my little babies with their little baby hands and feet and cheeks and noses and booties and thighs and knees that are so fat they have double creases!??! I love watching them and cuddling with them. Watching them explore how their bodies work. Letting them "help me" get ready and comb my hair and pick out clothes for me and then pick out clothes for themselves. When they're not trying to kill each other they are really cute.

4) Parks. How lucky are we that we have so many cool parks around?

5) Dinner. That I didn't have to cook. That tasted amazing. And a movie. And ice cream. Yum.