February 28th - Making a Sacred Home

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today Sarah talks about creating a sacred space where you can 
"celebrate, concentrate, and consecrate" your work. 

She tells us of a little bench she has in her room that she has filled with things that are meaningful and that evoke love and gratitude. She sits comfortably against her bed and meditates while looking at it. 

She quoted Joan Borysenko who said it doesn't have to be a large space, it can be "the top of a bureau, a corner of the kitchen, a nook in the hall."

But I thought, why leave it there? Why not make your entire home a place where you can be and live, celebrate, concentrate and consecrate? 

"In order to stay easily and happily creative, we need to stay spiritually centered."

This made me think of turning our tents towards the temple

Life seems to just be better and easier this way.

Here are a few of my sacred spots in my home. Most of them I don't feel are complete, but I am happy and grateful for what I have.

My living room is a sacred space. With the windows open the sunlight hits everything just right. I love that when you walk into my home the first thing you see is a picture of Christ and the second is the temple. I'd like to have two smaller frames and pictures of our family on either side of the temple picture, but that has yet to happen. 

And then you turn around and see our family and the piano. A lot of amazing things happen at that piano, and I love how my photo collage celebrates our family. The entire living room celebrates our family. We do a lot of celebrating and creating in there.

This is where I rock my babies and look at the sky, loving and cherishing them. Definitely sacred.

But this is also my dream sacred space. I dream of shelves floor to ceiling filled with books, and a window bench under the window with pillows so you can lay out comfortably, bathing in the sunlight and reading a book...

Kind of like this

With a little bit of this

And this is some of the view

I want to constantly have my home be someplace I want to be, that I want to create in, that I can create in...Where I feel love and everyone who walks in the door feels that love too. 

Where is your sacred space?

Gratitude Journal

1) Productivity. Every single minute of today I was freaking productive. Bam. Take that.

2) My piano students. I got the nicest compliments from their mom today. She told me how much she appreciated all the work I put into lessons and trying to motivate them and inspire them, and that she had to ask her girls to get off the piano instead of telling them to get on. How cool is that?!

3) Pork Verde Tacos. I'll have to take a picture tomorrow when I make myself a plate for dinner...and I'll be grateful for them tomorrow night too. The most amazing and delicious things ever! This is the second year in a row I've made these for my birthday, and I probably won't be able to wait until next year to do them again.

4) Good friends who have kids the same age so we can go on playdates and hang out. How did I get so lucky?

5) Nice people. A lady and her daughter brought a styrofoam airplane to the park today and all of the kids were mesmerized. Each of them stopped what they were doing to run over to see the airplane. She was so nice, she let each of them have a turn. The smiles on their faces, even though the airplane didn't go very far with their little hands and arms and lack of coordination and skill, were from ear to ear. When Robbie got home it was the first thing Jacob told him about, how he flew an airplane at the park. She didn't have to share, that was super nice and it made my kid's day.