February 1st - Me Time

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sarah calls it a creative excursion, 
and it's one of the ways she suggests getting to know the real you.

I remember not knowing who I was, or what I liked. The most prominent memories are from my wedding, not being able to pick colors or dresses and just letting my mom do it (and it was beautiful, thank you mom). I remember my cousins weddings, and how they so adequately expressed through decorations and details who they were...

The past (almost) 7 years have definitely been eye opening, and looking back on it, Me Time was really a key factor in discovering my authentic self.

"In the beginning of any intimate relationship the best gift you can offer 
another person is the investment of quality time together. 
So it is with your authentic self."

Me time can be anything. When I have an extra $20 I love to go get a Booty Booty roll at Wasabi and a bowl of miso soup. I love to sit, eat, and read a book. I freaking love sushi. Or I go thrift store shopping. When I have no money I like to craft and do things that have been piling up in my craft room. Or read a good book in bed with some munchies. I also like to cook, and write, and take a bath while watching a movie.

That's what I did tonight. Wednesday nights are my night off. Robbie takes the kids after (sometimes before) dinner and I am free to do whatever I want for an hour or two without kids. Most of the time I stay in the house, I usually take a bath...do my nails. A couple weeks ago I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and I couldn't put it down. I stayed up until 12:30...only 2 1/2 hours past my normal bed time. 
So worth it. 

"When you embark on creative excursions, your authentic self will lovingly reveal to you the beautiful mystery that is you. This occurs spontaneously as you make the pursuit of personal growth a sacred endeavor."

I really like me time...now...but it was hard getting there. At first I felt guilty, like I should be doing all the other things that need to get done, or my kids will miss me...My kids get me 24/7 except for these 2 hours or so and the 2 hours a week I exercise (and even then sometimes they're climbing all over me)...I think they can handle a couple hours. And the things that need to get done will still be there. Trust me, they never go away. You check one thing off, you add two to the list. 

You time is a priority because you are a priority. 
Put it on the list.

Sarah said this was the hardest part for her. 
"I was simply not used to having fun by myself. It seemed too frivolous, too self-indulgent...Excuses will be plentiful...don't give in. 

Creative excursions require an investment of time, not money. None of us are too busy to find two hours a week. If we are, we seriously need to reconsider our personal priorities. 

[We must] realize that nurturing our imaginations and developing a relationship with our authentic selves is an investment we can no longer afford to put off."

Now you might be a little hesitant. Isn't it selfish? Shouldn't we be losing ourselves in service to others? Let me just remind you, that if you don't take care of yourself you'll just be dead and no help to anyone. Better to be strong and help others, than weak and unable to help at all. Service means more if it's coming from you, the real you, your authentic you, but you have to take some time to figure out who that is. The world will not end in 2 hours. 
(if it does, I'm sorry, I was wrong)

I have plenty of anecdotal evidence that a little me time goes a long way. If you haven't tried it, or don't have 2 hours a week scheduled for yourself, do it. I promise you won't regret it.

Gratitude Journal

1) Warm winter days. I am so not a cold person. Thank you CA. I opened the windows and the kids went outside and played with no clothes on (it's not that I didn't have them dressed, it's that I couldn't get them to keep their clothes on).

2) Me time. A bath and a self administered mani pedi really do wonders.

3) Purple sparkly nail polish. Purple is Shelby's favorite color. I really miss her. Purple can be such a happy color, when you think about it, it really did fit her personality. Happy, and royal, elegant, and fun.

4) Spaghetti. My mom's spaghetti sauce recipe is to die for amazing. I make a batch and freeze it, ta da! Dinner is served, and I am a hero. I accidentally made the garlic bread too garlicy, and Jacob took a bite and looked at us panting saying it's too hot!

5) Jacobisms. This morning Jacob comes in and says "Daddy, please put on some pants." In the car to the grocery store I was singing and dancing and he said "Mommy, please just drive." What a kid.