February 4th - Light

Saturday, February 4, 2017

"My business is not to remake myself, 
but make the absolute best of what God made."

Sarah echoed Mr Browning, saying 
"Do not try to remake yourself into something you're not. 
Just try making the best of what God made."

"Making the best of ourselves is not an easy task. 

It is a pleasurable pursuit, 
it is the reason we were born...

but it requires patience
and perseverance
For many of us it also requires prayer."

She then talks about the analogy of light. Whether you believe in God, or a higher power, or the universe, you can ask for help. 
Asking for help is like turning the light on. 

"When I asked, it was turned on. When I didn't, I stayed in the dark...When there is Light we see remarkably well. We see with clarity.

And what we can see if we look deep within is that 
the authentic self is the Soul made visible."

It's comforting to know that we're not alone, that we're not in the dark. That we're only bringing into reality what already exists. Also that it doesn't happen overnight, it's a life long affair. 

Please watch Patterns of Light, parts 1, 2 and 3. They are awesome. And even though it's talking about the Light of Christ, I think it also relates to us as we find our authentic selves. For example in part 1 he talks about how if you obey the light grows brighter but disobedience makes the light dimmer, I think that's the same with yourself. If you are true to your authentic self (obey) then the light becomes brighter, it's easier to see her, but if you are not true and do things you know you shouldn't or don't want to do the light becomes dimmer and it's harder to see her. 

Turn on the light. 
Not just sometimes or every so often, why not everyday?
It is very apparent in my life the days that I do not pray and the days that I do.

Gratitude Journal

1) Trains. I got to ride the train for the first time in my adult life today, and my kids for their first time. Riley kept saying "chu chu chu choo choo!" So cute, so exciting! So cool.

2) A day out with family and friends. We usually don't do things like this, because our kids drive us nuts after awhile. But we were awesome parents today! Our outing took us from 8:45-4:15. It was a long, but awesome, day.

3) Ice cream.  And messy chocolaty children.
 It's hard to eat ice cream and take a picture
The look.........

4) Cheese sandwiches. So yummy.

5) Babies. I had to tell my uterus to calm down as I held a 4 month old baby boy today. He still smelled like newborn baby. It was intoxicating. They need to bottle that smell. And I need to volunteer to hold babies at the hospital so new mama's can get some sleep.