February 14th - Just Be

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Where there is great love there are always miracles."

Today Sarah talks about buried dreams. 

"It takes great love and courage to excavate buried dreams. 

Today is the day set aside for love, a perfect occasion for going within and glancing back with affection and understanding at your real life journey so far...

Over the years we've buried many a 
precious dream 
under layers of soot and rubble. 
Layers of naiveté, 
good intentions, 
bitter failures, 
wrong choices, 
bad timing, 
bungled efforts, 
stupid mistakes, 
unforeseen circumstances, 
whims of fate 
and missed opportunities. 

It's no wonder that we'll need courage to retrace our steps."

But "courage is the price that Life extracts for granting peace."

It hurts to think about doesn't it. Take heart, you are not alone. When I think about my past it hurts. I don't think I have many buried dreams, and maybe that's sad in itself because I didn't have any to bury? 

Don't be a "would-be-if-I-could-be" or a "could-be-if-I-would-be". 

Just Be.

"Today is a day for being.
Be with those you love, be kind to yourself."

We are not here to dwell on the past, what we could have done, should have done...We can't change it now. 
I only ask that you unbury those dreams, not so you can dwell on why or how they were buried, but so that you can know what your dreams are and so you can start to live them.  

You can't do much about the past, but you can do something about tomorrow. 

So tomorrow, 
lets go be what we want to be.

Gratitude Journal

1) My neighbor. She just came over with treats for my kids because it was valentines day. I have been very blessed that wherever I have been, I've had very good neighbors.

2) Time. Time heals all things, if you let it. Today I was able to remember Shelby, and be sad, but not so sad that I was incapacitated. Time helps you to accept, to truly believe and have faith. To have patience. To remember and focus on the love that was shared, instead of the pain of regret. 

3) Tender mercies. I was able to give my mom that flower that bloomed. I didn't know that they would be purple when I bought and planted them almost a year ago...Tender mercies of the Lord, that I had a beautiful purple flower to give to my mom tonight, as if Shelby through me were giving her a valentine. My kids were so excited to give it to her.

4) Stickers. Stickers are such simple and wonderful things, and provide tons of entertainment.

5) Family. And my mom is an amazing cook. Her red velvet cake is to die for, and it literally looked like they killed something. Amazing.