March 1st - Serenity

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I wanted to say a quick thank you to those of you who are reading my thoughts and Sarah's, I really appreciate it. I hope you're enjoying, and please feel free to comment!

Sarah started today off with the serenity prayer, but with a slight twist. 

"I believe...that the time has come for us to stop associating serenity with things that can not be changed. 

For we can dramatically change the quality of our lives when we consciously seek to restore serenity to our daily endeavors.

How exactly can this be accomplished in our lifetime?

When women stop behaving as if they were whirling dervishes

If you frequently feel as if you're about to spin off this planet, 
it's probably because you are."

She then goes on to describe a this.   
I saw this a week or so ago and when I read the day she described, I immediately thought of this woman who shows us what a typical day in the life of a lot of women. We try to start something, then get sidetracked, until the day is over and nothing got done.

She then talked about Grace Kelly

And how she was known for being cool and regal, and well, graceful and serene. "While I'm sure Princess Grace had somebody else making her bed, 
the point is still valid. 

Serene women do not become sidetracked.

Sidetracked women, 
who scatter their energies to the four winds, 
never achieve serenity. 
(Nervous breakdowns, to be sure, but not serenity.)

It's as simple as that."

How do we stop getting sidetracked?

By being courageous enough to change what we can. To "concentrate slowly on completing one task at a time, each hour of the day, until the day is over. 

...We will act 'as if' we are serene (think Grace Kelly)
by bringing all our attention and conscious awareness 
to whatever we are doing...

What we will gain from this exercise is the inner peace that comes from living fully in the present moment."

Sarah knows that for those of us who are used to multitasking this may seem ridiculous. 

"But I assure you

that you will accomplish 
all you set out to do and need to do 
with much more 
ease, efficiency, pleasure, and satisfaction 
when you merge mind, body, and spirit with the task at hand.

And you will experience serenity."

Isn't that seriously cool? I first remember Sarah talking about concentrating on one thing at a time back on January 15th when she introduced simplicity. 

I can definitely add my testimony to this, that being focused on one thing at a time has brought me peace. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Indy. She is so cute. And so loud. When you're trying to sleep and not only is Robbie snoring, but the dog is's adorable. Everyone needs a dog in their life to add some extra love.

2) Spring. It wasn't even 60 degrees outside and we were getting hot on our walk to the park for a picnic and some time on the playground. We thought, what in the world are we going to do when it gets to 100 degrees? Thank you spring.

3) I spent so much time in the sun today I got a little sun kissed. I don't burn easily, thanks to my beautiful mother and her gorgeous brown skin, I just get a little kissed. While sometimes it may hurt, today it just added a little color back into my skin that I had been missing. I'm glad winter is over, I missed this.

4) Me time. Robbie had a tough day at work, so he didn't get home to take the kids away so I could have some quiet time, but I wasn't aware of his change in plans. After my piano lessons I sat on the couch and cuddled with the kids and finished watching a movie, because I thought that I wouldn't see them the rest of the night. It's 5:30, I give Robbie a call, change of plans. I was pretty proud of my self that I could roll with it, okay, now I have to feed the kids...thank goodness for leftovers. Finally it's 6:30, 30 minutes before bed time...and I kiss the kids goodnight and go take a bath and groom myself (I don't think I've shaved my legs in 2 weeks). I'm kind of grateful for a lot of things I guess.

5) Kids falling down and getting back up. And juice pouches that help make hurts feel better, and that nothing was broken and we didn't have to go to the ER. And then said child running back to the same thing they just fell off of and doing it again. It made me think of Bat Man. "Why do we fall Bruce, so we can learn to pick ourselves up."...or something like that. Kids are incredible, we would be good to try and keep some of those childlike tendencies into our adult lives.