April 8th - Compensate

Saturday, April 8, 2017

"Good taste shouldn't have to cost anything extra."

Isn't that always the excuse. 

I can't buy it, it's too expensive.

I can't go shopping, I don't have any money.

It is a good excuse too. 

You should not spend money you don't have. 

So "how do you reconcile great taste and limited money?...

that our material wants and our wallets don't match.

Call on your creativity to compensate.

Your creativity is a Spirit-given gift.

Perhaps your frustration about not being able to buy what you want will become the catalyst that sends you to sewing classes and eventually has you designing your own clothes. 

Perhaps you'll learn how to become an educated, sophisticated, savvy shopper.

Seek, we are told, and we shall find..."

I LOVE sewing. I love finding thrift store treasures that just need to  be taken in or have a thing here or a thing there done to it to make it perfect. 

And waiting for the perfect thing to come along.

And when you don't have any money, you save until you can go shopping. 
And then when you do go shopping, you look until you find that perfect thing. 
And when you do find it, for the right price, 
it'll be all the more worth it. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Baptisms. I used to really hate them, because I hated that an ordinance that takes not even 2 minutes took over an hour. But now I really like them. Maybe it was because I didn't have any patience, and now I do? It was really nice to see my cousin get baptized and play the piano for them.

2) Pulled pork sandwiches.

3) We tried to go to Touch a Truck. It was so packed, and we could not get anywhere close. And then we saw that the kids were all passed out in the back...so we just went home and all took a nap. So I guess I'm grateful for tired babies so I can get a nap too...and that we at least tried. Hopefully next year we'll make it.

4) Black tie events...even if only like 5% of the people there were actually dressed in formal wear. I love getting dressed up.

5) Going shopping at a silent auction...and being exciting about purchasing 10 hours of babysitting.