June 6th - The Bathroom

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We've already talked about taking baths and how amazing they are, 
today lets talk about the bathroom.

Apparently, there was a "national poll conducted 
by a large manufacturer of bathroom products, 
we have not fully exploited the room's potential.

The survey revealed that for many people, 
the bathroom is the preferred place for telephone conversations,
 eating, sleeping, smoking, lovemaking, homework, and dancing!"

No way. 

No way no how.

That's gross, and uncomfortable. 

"Bathrooms provide a place for private pampering, 
for a sybaritic mood that might otherwise be frowned on. 

Hidden from the scrutiny of others, 
these rooms are secret havens of self-absorption."

Start Quote
Attitude adjustment in progress.

Just because the bathroom is small 
and the budget even smaller 
doesn't mean it can't be transformed into a 
secret haven of self-absorption.

I can do that.

So can you.

Here's how...

I've created a Simple Abundance spa
-seven nights of homegrown indulgence. 

I think of it as happy hour for the psyche...

Every night for a week, 
experiment with a new kind of bath product:
bath salts, 
bubble baths, 
and Vita baths.

See which you really prefer.

Many bath products come in small sizes, 
so you can experiment inexpensively...

Keep them in your comfort drawer until you need a spa week. 

After a leisurely soak in a room illuminated only by 
scented candles, while listening to fabulous music 
and sipping a glass of wine or sparkling fruited mineral water 
(ice-cold blackberry or peach is divine 
[my mom's favorite is black cherry]), 
treat yourself to one beauty treatment per night. 

How about a mud-pack facial; 
hot-oil hair conditioning treatment;
manicure and pedicure;
exfoliation and waxing;
cellulite body massage;
seaweed body smoother.

The final night, play with makeup and hair styling...

Today, don't look at the shortcomings of your bathroom. 

If it's got hot and cold running water, 
a handle that flushes, 
and a tub to lie down in, 
End Quote

I love baths. 

I love sprinkling epsom salt and essential oils in the bath. 
I love bubble baths
I love salt scrubs

I can't wait to try all the other things. 

Sarah says that 7 days is a lot, 
but that you can get used to it.

I haven't taken a bath in about two weeks, and I can feel it. 

I need one. 

Speaking of which, 
I'll see you later. 

Gratitude Journal

1) The Library. I'm so grateful for libraries, and that we have so many so close. I tried to get the kids excited about going today, but it takes a little while...usually it takes at least a couple of times of going to something for them to really start to appreciate it. Like the zoo. That took an entire year. They kind of freaked out by the end of our hour and a half trip...But they loved the hour we spent reading the books after nap time.

2) Books. Some books are crap, but some books are pretty awesome.

3) My night off. I practiced my music, wrote my blog, ate with no one touching me or screaming at me, all before 9. Now I can take a bath and try to work on the pinwheel wreath I started last week.

4) Snickers. I have candybars for my piano students. When they work hard, and reach 5 good lessons, they get a candy bar. I took one. The first one in at least a year. It was worth it.

5) Did I mention it's only 9 o'clock? I still have the night ahead of me.