May 21st - Comfortable

Sunday, May 21, 2017

When I think of nesting, 
I think of pregnant ladies who don't want to leave their homes.

They get the bug.

They want to do every little thing that hasn't been done in awhile, 
like organize or decorate or craft...
make everything comfy and ready for the new baby.

Sarah says that our home can be "a nest of comforts"...

Start Quote
No matter what your decorating style
-realized or aspired to-
the essential spiritual grace our homes should possess 
is the solace of comfort. 

As we discover and express our authenticity through our surroundings, 
comfort becomes our first priority...

One day I realized that I spent much of my free time reading in my bedroom, 
unintentionally away from my husband and daughter, 
not because of a need for privacy, 
but because I didn't have a comfortable chair to snuggle into in the living room.

My husband had his place on the sofa, 
my daughter claimed the love seat, 
while I often ended up in the bedroom by default, 
when I would have much preferred to be sharing time with them...

Today, think about your own nest. 

Is it so cozy that you never want to leave?

It should be. 

Do you have the comforts that you crave?

Do you even know what they are?

When was the last time you gave your comfort 
the thought it richly deserves?

Today, make a wish list:
soft, snug places to sit;
plump pillows to support or encourage you to take a nap;
a place to put your feet up;
proper reading lamps; 
plenty of bookcases;
something always on hand that's interesting, 
illuminating, or irresistible to read;
places to display favorite things;
convenient tables for refreshments;
a well-organized and well-stocked desk from which to run your life;
as decent a sound system as you can afford 
and a personal music collection that reflects your many moods;
a good coffeemaker, a pretty teapot or juice squeezer;
plants and flowers to delight;
backyard furniture that beckons you to linger 
and a pretty garden or terrace to linger in.

Everyone's list will be different.

Take the time to figure out what you need...

Today, consider what you need to create a personal nest 
that comforts body and soul.
End Quote 

I don't know about you, 
but that's one of my favorite things to do.

All of the projects I want to do 
will make my home more efficient, and comfy. 

We bought the house because it was more comfortable than our old one. 

Here are some of the things on my list that we've done to our home.

One of the first things we did was buy a huge couch so we could have enough room for everyone to sit. A wonderful comfy shag rug, that when you lay on it you never want to get up from (Indy will vouch for that). A new mattress so we can get a good night sleep with no aches or pains when we wake up. Slow closing toilet seats so every time you go you don't hear a super annoying loud slam when it slips from your fingers. Closing up that huge hole in the living room wall so we can have our small entertainment center that isn't the center of attention. Getting ceiling fans in all the rooms. Switching the light bulbs from yellow light to daylight. Getting slippers that are good for indoor and outdoor. Redoing the front and back yard so we can go outside and play and not track mud or dirt in the house. We just got shade covers for the backyard so the kids can play whenever they want to, even if the sun is out (which makes the synlawn really really hot).

Some of the things I still want?
To revamp the laundry room and the kitchen pantry.

My favorite? 
The mattress. 
I never want to leave the bed.

What is your favorite comfort in your home?
What are some of the things you want?

Gratitude Journal

1) Our last day as free adults. We slept in until 9, went to church on time and actually listened and payed attention to all three hours, and just rested.

2) Getting the kids back. I missed them, just a little bit.

3) Good family that lives close by and are willing to help so much. I asked my dad how they were doing, "tired" he said. I was right, now they need a break.

4) The ranch. I have such fond memories up there, I'm glad my kids will too.

5) Spending time alone with Robbie, resting and recharging so we can keep doing what we need and want to do.

6) Time with my cousin. We had more than a decade where we never really saw each other, and now that we're adults we can be friends. It's really cool. And our musical skills are off the hook.